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Nov. 2nd, 2015 10:23 am
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So I learned about this neo-fascist movement called Identitarianism.

It seems to have arisen as a result of reactionary French intellectuals (I use that term lightly here) in opposition of the trends in the Academie to '68.  A reaction, if you will.

It appears to be a far-right hodge podge dressing itself up in pan-European racism and very strongly against people of color. 

They embrace the "Eurabia" mythos, and hearken to a future Golden Age (Seriously, look at the cover of this book, written by one of the leading "intellectuals" of this movement - Giant Arcologies in a Grain Belt and Healthy White Strapping Lad):

I went to bed last night, thinking and worried about this particular strain.  Much of the thinking goes towards Evola's Traditionalism, some of it tries the old 'Third Positionist' bullshittery.  I tried to listen to Guillaume Faye give a speech and it was just as much a Xenophobic screed as you'd expect from any French Fascist/Nationalist.  The only difference here is the Pan European aspect.  But the Clash of Civilizations theory is on bold display, here.

The reason I worry about this is due to the current refugee situation.  I don't like using the word "Crisis" with it, because while it may be a crisis, the implication when people say it so often is less about the Crisis as it pertains TO and FOR the refugees and instead implies a crisis for the Nation States who have the benefit of ignoring and pretending.  It only becomes a Crisis to the West FOR itself, and not giving a shit about the people who are actually affected.  So I call it the situation.  Because otherwise it plays a certain fear card linguistically that triggers people's buttons.  "CRISIS?  PANIC!  WE NEED TO DO SOMETHING! (Not for them, of course, FOR US!)"

So.  Here's the thing.  This is a huge narrative that's been bubbling in the European Right underground since as far as I'm old enough to be aware of such things (certainly post-911).  In terms of "Eurabia".  The suburban riots in France (and the reaction it's causing there - the "French Spring", another reactionary sort of event/moments (I apologize for linking to such bigoted/right wing "wikipedia" style sites, but it seems to have the most info - direct from the ass's mouths) --  which was apparently an uprising of Monarchs, Catholics and Identitarians).  Gotta fucking love this Metapedia, they sure do love talking about "Masons".  So is this a huge thing amongst the French right?  I mean, I know Masons are a deal amongst a certain conspiratorial set, but reading the Identitarian section doesn't seem to give much concern about that bugaboo.  I'm sure it's just the one editor of this particular page who pushes that line, but I forget people still believe that shit in a way that's more than just "LADY GAGA USES MASONIC IMAGERY AND IS BRAINWASHED" idiocy.

So - ok.  Get back AGAIN to the point.

Refugees.  We are seeing the results of our warmongering taking hold.  We continue to insist on the overthrow of Assad, and thus putting us in opposition to Putin and Syria, drawn Putin into war.  Arming "good guy" rebels (but not the "bad guy" rebels, of course, somehow).  We are drawing this thing out longer than it should be.  And in the meantime, more innocent victims are at play.  They, in desperation, mostly middle class citizens who have the means and ability to do so, are fleeing.  The right-wing propaganda use this exodus as a fearmongering tactic with concerns of a 5th column, with propaganda at play.

So now we see the reactionary elements across European society starting to raise their ugly head, in a way we haven't really seen in a long time.  I mean, certainly we've heard peeps and skritches when people like Jorg Haider or Jean-Marie Le Pen or Geert Wilders raise their hideous festering voices.  We've seen the rise in Eastern Europe of movements like Maidan (I don't think they're fully "Fascist" per se, but definitely a certain type of Nationalism which can easily fall in line with similar fascist tendencies) or more definitely fascist with Fidesz/Orban.  And Edrogan in Turkey just won the majority, which is bad news.  And then you have the Right Wing in Portugal stating outright that they cannot let an actual left-wing majority (not in the technical sense, nobody 1 party has a majority, but >50% of the vote went to the Left/Left-oriented parties - but since the largest single party at 36% is a right-wing party, they are claiming the mantle and refusing the other parties to actually have their majority voice heard). 

And recently the Swedish Foreign Minister is talking about Sweden facing "Collapse" due to the immigrants.  Though I don't disagree with her call for other European countries to do their share in helping.  They at least sound like they are trying to do the right thing, and want to figure out a way that all can share "the burden" (another thing I don't like saying, but it is, technically such). 

So now, we have these reactionaries, and they may not be the dominant voice now, but it doesn't take a lot, especially as the pressure of the continued influx of refugees (and their continued, needless deaths in the process) combines with the latent fearmongering and propaganda that's been worked over the years by the fascist/nationalists.  You see some talk already pursuing these lines of resentment.  OK, so we're going to have more Syrian Refugees for the foreseeable future in the millions.  The United States, one of the most complicit parties to this in the first place, so far as I've seen, has only come out and said "We'll take 10,000"  FUCK YOU.  This continues to put unneeded pressure on the countries who didn't nearly as directly have an influence on events as they stand in the Middle East now.  Some are more complicit than others, of course.  But the US, IMO, bears the disproportionate responsibility for the current situation (in terms of outside influence).  This means we need to take responsibility for the results of our actions and work towards an amnesty program that is fast and efficient and does the best it can towards helping those who need it.  But we know THAT won't happen anytime soon.

So - here's this rabid xenophobic trend in the right-wings across "Europe" and the US.  Often presenting itself as a clash of civilizations (and the US has its own other nativist anti-Mexican (I mean "immigrant" because of course we're meaning all immigrants and it doesn't have anything to do with the color of their skin, no no no, even though we only ever hear talk about "building a Wall & Trump Casino" on the southern border). 

Now - why am I worried?  Surely we'll keep the fascists in line, right?  They're a minority, no?  Maybe, maybe not.  But this is not the only wave.  The US Army understands this.  They have documents regarding the effects of Climate Change and the crises that may potentially result.  Between increased droughts in certain regions (leading to "water wars), mass flooding of islands (leading to an exodus of islanders towards a larger land mass), we are going to see much more in the coming century of the "Refugee Crisis" and I dare say that this may be the dominant issue at play w/r/t global politics and how it's going to shape our political evolutions.

And this xenophobic nationalism (or pan-nationalism) by the countries who exploited those who will suffer the most (not to say all island nations are Micronesian or whatever... Indonesia, is a massive country that's rich as hell (as a country, we're not talking distribution or other such things - we're all complicit in the Global Capitalist Regime, and that includes the internals of a given country...  I'm talking in general national wealth)... The rich-white countries that are now looking back to some conservative/traditional reactionary rhetoric and ideologies to maintain their position, while putting further pressure on those on the bottom.


So I worry about this because I see a populist/nationalist/reactionary movement rising up and demanding their nation-states becoming ever more reactionary.  The current National-Security State which is pro-Corporate (not Fascist-Corporate, US/Economic Corporate) has an incentive to at least find a way to mitigate the issue.  The left-wing of course, is very sympathetic to the plights of the refugees.

What I wonder, though.  We have the US Army with its own understanding of these issues at play.  It clearly feels it has some role to play.  What is the "National Security Strategy" of the US with regards to these things?  Is this considered part of the domain of "Homeland Security"?  What about "National Security Agency"?  The thing is - all these things are built up as defense mechanisms of the Nation-State, not as charitable arms/wings of the nation-state.  For that you have USAID.  But AFAIK, USAID only works in other countries, not dealing with immigration and such things.

But as long as the US continues to take a narrow, corporatist view of immigration (what's good for the economy), and not any sort of humanitarian or even security sense (not fear-mongering security "SCAN FOR ALL BOMBS" but long term needs of reconciling the facts of the matter at hand) we are going to have a much harder time down the line dealing with the situation, and my concern is we will need a sustatined left-wing answer to the Trumps and Xenophobes in this fucking country to help prevent a rise of something like Identitarianism in the US.  (That's not even taking into account all the social vectors of MRA type groups who also have reactionary views that aren't explicitly racist/nativist, but certainly would align themselves with a burgeoning right-wing).

What is the long term strategic interest of the United States in terms of preventing a reaction against Refugees, while still exploiting them for the US Corporate Purposes?  This is one thing I wonder.

Mostly - my concern is that this current "Syrian Refugee Crisis" is but the tip of the spear.  To those on the right - this is seen as a national attack.  I worry about the Refugee Crisis, not because of what it will do to Europe-ua-White-Christendom, but rather what it will do to Europe-qua-Secular-International-Polity.  I worry less about what the refugees will do to Europe and more about what Europe-qua-Christendom will end up doing to Europe-qua-Secular-International-Polity via fear of The Refugee Other.  This is a sustained event that is not going away tomorrow, and as it continues onward, the propaganda from the right-wing will continue to be more vocal and insidious and full of hate.  The Left needs to work towards counteracting that.  I don't think the left has really a particularly sustained method of dealing with this and it needs to start thinking about these issues now, on an international scale and how to confront the nationalist horrors that are unfolding before our very eyes.

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Apr. 6th, 2014 12:30 pm
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Amplituhedron.  Holy shit.

A talk by Nima Arkani-Hamed, regarding their discovery of this mathematical object called the Amplituhedron.

Here's an article from the Simons Foundation magazine Quanta.

Here's a link to the PDF article at Arxiv, which is given in the above article.

Here's a diagram showing the 3D Face of one form of this 4D object.  (One that solves for N=4 Supersymmetric Yang-Mills Theory):

There's also this poorly colored image which really is pretty, but I think it actually does not convey how this works as a 3D Structure:

Basically, if this theory is right, SpaceTime and Quantum Mechanics are emergent from a multi-dimensional (I think he said infinite dimension at some point, but his examples are 3D surfaces of a 4D object.  He claims that he could do on one paper on a plane flight what would be many many pages worth of Feynman diagrams to calculate the scattering trajectories of  particular particles.

Clearly, since his example is limited to one form and there are many many possible things, he says that he thinks more forms of this type of calculation can lead to better insights and new unificiations (in the example, he removes the conflict between unitarity and locality).

The vertices of this object, if I am understanding it properly, act as potential pathways for various particles (he uses gluons as an example a few times, so I'm guessing this is about gluon interaction in protons and neutrons?).  That is the potential paths they can take are calculated by the structure of this object...  The internal structure is the array of potential amplitudes in some manner.  If you give it a specific value and feed it in at a point, it will go through a given path and output at another predetermined point (I think.  He has a separate diagram for that, but I believe it's the same concept - he's essentially talking about graph theory/nodes in this case)

It sort of makes me think of the holographic principle and the holographic universe theory in the sense that there is some "eternal"/static object that has, embedded in it/on its surface, the rules for the universe.

What I am so very curious about, though, is how does this arise?  WHAT is it that causes our reality to arise?  In a hologram, we have light shining onto the surface to create that 3D space/projection.

If you think in Platonic terms, you have the 3d object casting a shadow on the 2d surface.  Only, the interesting thing here, is that it's almost the opposite, the 3d "shadow" is casting a 3d object.  (in our case, we have a 3d surface of a 4d space-time.  this 3d surface projects 3 space dimensions and one time dimension) as our universe.

Anyways, I saw another topic where someone asked if Mathematicians were Platonists, and one guy said "in private they'll tell you they are but in public, they'll be less candid and say we use math as a tool to help describe reality, of course these things, numbers, exist as a real thing outside of our mind"...  But it's certainly interesting if you think that mathematics is a pure structural external entity through which our universe arises in some manner.

It's the question of WHAT causes it that fascinates me.  I think it's like Indra's Net (to use the Jewel metaphor with these faceted 3D objects) in that there's a complex web of interactions and reflections between all the facets/jewels/faces/ of/in this THING (Terence McKenna's UFO/Oversoul/Ultimate Tool) that self-arises and self-causes.  In effect, this pure eternal mathematical form is "god" and we are "god thinking" or dreaming in some sense.

Even more interesting if you think of consciousness as the flow of things via nodes and pathways (in the same way the vertices of these objects form pathways along which rules create the structures that we see).

Yet again, there is something that flows/moves through and causes things to arise, and that, I think, is the real mystery.  We're focusing so hard on the WHAT, that we really don't know HOW (or even necessarily WHY, though some say science isn't about "WHY" I think that's a copout.  "Why is the speed of light 300,000km/s?"  When I ask this I'm told "Science doesn't have an answer for that, it just IS a constant" That really really really bothers me.  I mean, we know it's the limit that at which mass becomes infinite, but... then I suppose we end up with some weird Anthropological argument  that it is because we're here to observe it and ask why it is... I hate the fucking anthro argument, there is no "argument" there, except that "we exist in the universe due to the laws that allow us to exist" no fucking shit sherlock.

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Apr. 4th, 2013 02:24 pm
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So like - is ANYONE following anything that's happening w/N. Korea?

Half the time I don't remember what I post or not... And apparently I've never posted about this...

I'm trying not to get caught up in the Reddit free-for-all (lord knows the comments there are disgusting, warmongering pieces of shit nationalist pigs).

Anyways, there's tons of fucking news happening. From what I can tell, this is a sort of timeline.

1) N. Korea launches a satellite. The west (sorry, the US) freaks out (ok, Japan, too). "ICBM!!!!" they yell. Not quite. There was another article that I can't seem to find now (I thought it was on the N. Korea Tech Blog that I sub to, but it wasn't that, perhaps it was Wired) that basically said, the trajectory and everything else about the launch has absolutely no connection to ICBM. Yes, they got something into space, but that's a far cry from trying to target a long range missile towards another country on another continent. Regardless. That's only part of the issue.

2) We know Kim Jong Il died, and his son Kim Jong Un has been doing some interesting things. He seems, on one hand to be more opening the country towards consumer style goods. However, there was speculation that he might not pushing the military first strategy (especially since his initial removal of Vice Marshall Ri Yong Ho). And while there was a lot of speculation by imperialists and capitalists a lot of analysts generally thought that it wasn't necessarily a sign of massive change.

3) In the meantime, discussion for the past couple years has been ongoing about what people are calling a NATO of the Pacific. Here's one article on the subject, and here's a globalresearch.ca article for two quick overviews of the idea.

4) The radio interview I heard discussing this mentioned specifically that this is a long term strategic thing, and putting into place the context of Iraq/Afghanistan and the control of that region in general, and resources in particular (not just oil, for example, see this article about the vast mineral reserves in Afghanistan that was discovered by the US DoD and geologists...

5) There is also a sort of Free Trade Agreement called the Trans-Pacific Partnership.

Read more... )

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Jan. 24th, 2013 10:05 pm
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Tonight in Illustrator I made a quick mockup of some icons for Five Year Plan. I think they look fine for alpha/playtesting. Obviously, I can rotate them, resize, etc, for whatever purpose I need.

Still need to grok Illustrator (i.e. since it's vector based, there's no "crop" feature (I just did an export to png and cropped in photoshop), but I hear you should use masks somehow to achieve cropping. Meh.

Anyways, here's the icons.
and all I'm left with is a day at work after a huge snowstorm.


In all seriousness...

This is a day that's been in my mind for many years now. First hearing of it from Terence McKenna's Timewave Zero Theory. Well, I first heard of Terence in an interview in High Times and that was 96, but TWZ wasn't part of the theory he was presenting there. I think he was doing the stoned ape hypothesis in that interview. So I saw "Alien Dreamtime" at our local video store in 1997 and rented it and watched and was like "what's this then?"

And I bought Archaic Revival and read it. Never bought any of his books, but tried to consume what I could. Found archives of mp3s at hyperborea. Got turned onto other thinkers like RAW in the process, but was always closest to Terence due to his eloquence and gentle soul.

So I remember when it first hit me what Terence was on about, with "History is the shockwave of Eschatology" when I grokked his idea of "the UFO".

If you don't know his theory I won't go into the whole history of how it formed, but the basic gist is he took the 64 hexagrams of the King Wen sequence of the I Ching (Chinese divination book -- you've probably seen the patterns - look on the S Korean flag.

He came up with what he calls a "Fractal Wave" that is self similar and repeats on small levels and large levels, and applied it to time. The end point he considered "The Eschaton".

I don't know if he ever latched a date onto it at first, but when he heard of the New Age 2012 woo, he thought "why not" and I think he thought he was making a good career move that way. He did, I think. I don't think he was ever fixed to that date, it just sorta worked when he lined it up. I think it would work with any date. The idea is that the troughs of the wave are periods of high levels of novelty and innovation and the peaks are low levels of novelty...

It is self contained, and thus has a beginning and end point. It is the end point that concerned Terence. What is this zero point? "The Eschaton" the "end of time" not in the apocalypse doomsday scenario of Christian end times or Hollywood. Not even the New Age woo GALACTIC PHOTON BEAMS ALIGHTING EARTH! The idea was basically a riff on the Transhumanist/Extropian concept of "The Singularity" with a spiritual bent.

We as humans are a creative species, and through consciousness we create music and art and atom bombs and spaceships and microscopes and vaccines and televisions and computers. As Terence said:

“But technology is the real skin of our species. Humanity, correctly seen in the context of the last five hundred years, is an extruder of technological material. We take in matter that has a low degree of organization; we put it through mental filters, and we extrude jewelry, gospels, space shuttles. This is what we do. We are like coral animals embedded in a technological reef of extruded psychic objects. All our tool making implies our belief in an ultimate tool. That tool is the flying saucer, or the soul, exteriorized in three-dimensional space.”

His is a very Platonic philosophy. The talk of "the ultimate tool" as a sort of idealized form. The "soul exteriorized in three-dimensional space" is in a sense the highest expression of humanity via technological creation.

The creation of this tool literally creates waves into the past as it comes into being, thus forming it's own self via a historical process that is not based on cause-effect, but effect-cause-effect. The wave, being self-contained is a/the "ding an sich" (thing in itself). It is both in time and beyond time, it is also time itself.

Terence talks about the UFO as an archetype of humanity's future imaginings and desires. A prehension of the thing to come. The wheel within a wheel. Angels, Aliens, Flying Saucers. All these things are the conscious perception of humanity's innate aspiration to fly into they hyperreal. It is the dreaming self. They are not made of form, but of mind. They appear to us in times of crisis. One image I like, though I'm not sure if Terence has used it or not, though I feel like he has, is that of the flying sauce being a sort of "skipping stone" across the surface of the wave of time. Hitting the surface, to appear for a brief time, only to jump back off and into hyperspace (the sub-imaginal realm) It is this appearance of itself, perhaps, like a mirage across space and time and cultures. But it goes deeper than the simplistic derivation portrayed on "History" channel. It goes deeper than any profane and material view of what it means to the masses watching the boob tube.

So 12/21/12 means something to me, not because of "doomsday" and not because of whether it was actually the right time for timewave zero, but what it says in general about humanity's collective aspiration. The desire for escape, the expression of that longing, when P-Funk sings "Swing down sweet chariot... stop and... let me ride" it is a song of redemption. It is the Time Wave Zero casting the long shadow over history. It is this creative process that Terence sees as connecting everyone and everything together.

He sees this process as a sort of apotheosis of sorts. In this regards I disagree with him. He is very much of the social sciences. Brilliant, but in the end, very anthropocentric (even if he does have a wide view beyond the humanities). We are not the end. We are not even necessarily the beginning.

We may live, we may die. He saw the UFO the collective expression of human dreaming and creation as the act of creation - the Omega Point IS the Alpha Point. This is his one contribution to the concept of Eschatology, I think. The idea of a shock or a rupture.

Danger is a biological necessity for humans, just like sleep and dreams. If you face death, for that time you are immortal. For the Western middle classes, danger is a rarity and erupts only with a sudden, random shock. And yet we are in danger at all times, since our death exists... Is there a technique for confronting death without immediate physical danger?

My final thought is that I'm looking on this as a sort of way to shut the door on the past decade. Not that I didn't have a lot of great things happen during that time. But to me, I need to really move on, I feel as though I've been traumatized by 9/11 + GWB... I feel like this is a chance to shut the door behind me on that decade and just let it rot and move towards the future. So goodbye 00s and hello a brighter future. The solstice is turning the days are getting longer, and the sun will be shining again.


Dec. 21st, 2012 12:00 am
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I'm changing to friends only.

Leaving my old entries as they were so you can get a feel for this journal. Leave a comment here if you want me to add you or whatever, if you like what you see.

EDIT (1-26-11): Culled my list of some peepz. No offense meant. Some were deleted accounts, some are people who don't update, some I just don't really read/follow much, some were me only friending them and non-reciprocal...

EDIT (2-12-12): More culling. Same as above - if you did read my stuff even though you don't post/comment much, and want me to add you back, please drop a comment to this post and I'll re-add you.

If you notice I deleted you and want me to add you back, just go ahead and request a re-friending.

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Nov. 9th, 2012 01:33 pm
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Physics Joke article about the election...

Mainstream media outlets around the world have declared Barack Obama the victor in yesterday’s US presidential elections, but particle physicists at CERN say that the race is still too close to call.

With every state except Florida reporting, the New York Times announced that Obama had won the popular vote and easily gained the electoral college points needed to win re-election. The Princeton Election Consortium put the probability of Obama’s victory at 99.2%.

But that confidence level is still several standard deviations away from the point at which particle physicists would be willing to declare the next president. According to the norms of the field, pollsters would have to be 99.99995% confident that Obama had won before physicists would be willing to call the race.

“All we can say right now is there is some evidence that Barack Obama will return to the White House in January,” says Marcus Georgio, head of the SISYPHUS collaboration at CERN. “The data simply doesn’t support anything beyond that.”


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Nov. 4th, 2012 09:32 am
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1) Just saw this on /r/Communism

2) I also made this yesterday - Huey Newton (in case anyone wonders who Huey is)

So - it should be quite clear that I post... a lot. Apologies if I crowd out your friends page. That said, I just wanted to post something I thought was funny over at /r/Communism (one of my frequent haunts these days -- the discourse if fairly intelligent, plenty of comradery, some joking, some serious discussion, non-partisan (in the communist sense), which means there are indeed some "Stalinists" "Maoists" and such. I wouldn't say that they are huge Stalinists, per se, but rather that they think that some of the stuff we hear is overblown. Not that they're defenders of what happened, but rather, some of it is due to poor choices of planning and mistakes in how to run shit. Regardless, I don't dwell too much on that topic, because to me, it's more a question of what the future holds, not the past... Not that we shouldn't learn from the past, of course, but we shouldn't dwell on it.)

OK, so, anyways, one of the comments by a mod was something along the lines of "I must go gulag myself now in penance" -- in reference to banning themselves for not living up to community standards. And now I have a new word "Self Gulaggation" which is just funny as shit, to me.

I must be old, because I can remember a time when people had more value than any stack of money. When capitalism was merely a system of economics wherein people could own land and personal property and not an ideal and a religion, complete with living saints and prophets. When people were respected for their role in their communities and not considered leeches merely because they had the misfortune of losing their jobs or falling ill or getting too old or weak to work. When the value of life was in how time was spent, not in how much money changes hands in whichever direction. When charity and philanthropy were more important than profits. When how you treated the people in your care was more important than the bottom line. When, if you had more than enough, it was your duty to find people who needed your extra and hand it over, regardless of how you came by your surplus. When Ayn Rand’s Objectivism was an ideal of Anton LaVey’s Satanic Church rather than any Christian one.

The Cult of Mammon is not a new thing, and its ascendancy is not a new problem. But it has turned into the national religion.

Maybe if you’re younger than my 45 years, you won’t remember that foreclosing on a schoolhouse or a widow’s home used to be the epitome of evil — something a writer would make the villain in a book or movie do so everyone in the audience knew it would be okay for the hero to shoot him dead, or at least deliberately not rescue him from the cattle stampede. Now the motto of the state religion is, and I won’t ask you to pardon my language because I would love for you to know the depth of my feeling, “Fuck the Poor People”, or “Pedicabo Pauperibus” if you’d prefer it in Latin. “Irrumabo Pauperibus” if you’re a fan of Catullus. I’m surprised we don’t see it printed on our money.

Maybe next year. Maybe the year after.

We create value in people by investing time and resources in them — by, in the words of a lately unpopular radical of an early communist movement, feeding the hungry, giving drink to the thirsty, inviting in strangers, giving clothes to the poor and naked, and visiting the sick and those in prison. This isn’t something that just Christians are supposed to do. This is the goal of any enlightened culture. But if you are a Christian, then this is one of the commandments from the mouth of Jesus Himself. You’d think that would count for something.

Anyone who thinks there’s any way to integrate Rand’s philosophy and the commands of Christ is so wrong as to be clearly deranged. They are diametrically opposed. All you have to do to know that for certain would be to actually read something from both sources.

If you see someone arguing to cut back on support for the poor — food and shelter and healthcare and the basic education it takes to get along in the modern world — then it’s obvious who they serve. And this is their prayer:

Our dollar, which art invested, hoarding be thy game. Thy greenbacks call my wallet home, on Earth as it is on Wall Street. Give us our daily dividends, and forgive us our debts as we put the screws to our debtors. Lead us not into inflation but deliver us from red ink. For mine is the cash flow and the credit and the moolah for lining my pockets. Amen.

Spread the word.


(Xposted for your convenience from SRF Heavy Industries.)
I think there's a couple of you on my list who may be interested, and in case anyone else stumbles across this :)


This community is a physical game (i.e. no video/computer games) design competition...

Basic ideas right now:

1) Contests happen in rounds. Rounds are timed (for now, I'm thinking ... 3 months?)

2) Each round, members of the community can vote on the theme to work with (except the first theme (Zoning) has already been chosen). We all can propose in the pre-starting thread of a round. Then once votes are cast, we announce in the official starting thread.

3) Members submit their ideas in the comments.

4) All people who have created a design in the comments retain all rights to their game (note that you can't patent gameplay itself, but any design/art/names can be trademarked and protected -- there is to be NO asset theft between members)

5) A voting/ranking system of some sort?

6) Apart from competition, it would be nice to facilitate dialogues and feedback on game ideas anyone in the community has in posts between the main competition.
Yep, new game idea. This time for a kids game, with plastic centerpiece like that mouse/cat/bathtub game (what was that called?)

Don't get crushed by the tentacles!

Board has a giant plastic octopus in the center with outreaching tentacles.

The play area is a circle/ring around the octopus.

The octopus is activated each turn. After a player moves, they push the head of the octopus down which causes a spring mechanism inside to store energy.

The next player then releases and lets the tentacles spin based upon that energy, and then the tentacles will land, some will touch the board others won't. If the tentacle hits the spot you're piece is on, you have to move it back to the beginning.

First player to make a full circle wins.

The fun of the game is trying to guess how much pressure to apply to get the octopus to land on the square your opponent is at.

"Game plan"

Feb. 3rd, 2010 12:37 pm
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Oh boy...

So I just came up with a trio of game concepts based around a similar "dual-role" mechanic...


A trio of games w/similar group mechanics
* Anti-Terror Game - A game about terror and stopping it (This ain't no game) (terrorist/DHS)
* Drug-Dealing Game - A game about dealing drugs and stopping it. (Cartel/DEA)
* Dictator Game - A game about being a dictator and being the baddest around. (Dictator/Population)

So, here's how I see my long term "game plan" shaping up around the games.

Abstract Games -
1) Once I get Hexomination, playtest the shit out of it with anyone who will play.
2) Get Fimo and make rings for We 3 Rings. Playtest the shit out of it.
3) Prism: Work on making the board and pieces for that.

Card Games -
1) Happy Hour - I have the basic idea, and card makeup. Need to see if Emmalee can make the art. I'll just do mockups (bought index cards last night for this purpose). Need to design "event cards" to play and foil opponents.
2) 6 Degrees - Just need to make a batch of "object" cards, brainstorm different kinds of things, and let the game play out. I think this has potential for quick easy party-game.

Board Games -
1) Ascendaemon - The first board game idea I had. Have the idea for the board itself. Just need to mock it up. Can use simple wood pieces as pawns/souls. Then just mock up cards with text, and playtest.
2) The three games above. Not sure which order. I think those have the most potential for fun if made right. Those are long term projects. I can see those getting complicated. But I think they could really be like Pandemic (not that I've played it but it seems like it would be fun)...
So, I've got the first round down to 7.
Thank you to everyone who voted! I really really really appreciate it very much :D

Behind the cut are the final ones:

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So I'm going to post some of my pieces behind the cut and would like your opinions on which ones I should start with for some prints to sell on Etsy.

I'm thinking 3-5 to start with, so if you could give me your top ones, I'd appreciate it :)

Maybe like 3-7 of your favorites -- no more than 7, and if you could at least do a minimum of 3, that'd rock!


I'm kinda trying for a variety, so maybe some abstract, maybe some more "portrait"/actual person visible. Maybe some dark, maybe some light. So mix it up a bit if you can. :)

I'm worried some might not be as good as prints as they are as screenwork (due to size issues and distortion upon enlargement) but I guess we'll see.

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Jun. 24th, 2009 11:53 am
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"It’s also reflected in a study cited by Sen. Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa, and other insurance industry defenders saying that 119 million Americans would bolt from their private insurers to the public option if they were given the chance.

To put that figure in perspective, it is about two-thirds of Americans who have private insurance through their employers or as individuals. In other words, the industry's defenders say two of every three customers want out.

Though some analysts doubt the defection rate would reach 119 million, Grassley’s argument is that Americans would so prefer a government-run plan that it would destroy the private insurance industry – and that therefore the public option simply can’t be permitted.

Grassley’s fear of 119 million Americans voting with their pocketbooks against private health insurance represents a remarkable admission of failure by the industry and its backers. It says, in effect, that the industry’s treatment of its customers has been so highhanded over the decades that the industry can only survive if Americans are left with the unappetizing choice of private coverage or no coverage."

I have a LOT of problems with the way we're going about this, but I'll take at least SOME method to allow people who don't have jobs, etc to be able to get affordable health care. AFFORDABLE!

Our system is so fucking broken. And I hate the fact that we have to pussyfoot around corporate interests to try to get even a tiny little sliver of justice. Such fuckin' bullshit.

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Jun. 24th, 2009 08:36 am
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Last night, while chatting, I mentioned Ray Stevens.  Then this morning, on mefi, I see a Ray Stevens reference. :D

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Jun. 23rd, 2009 10:26 pm
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"This job is ideal for an actor looking to diversify their role base, or someone who genuinely likes to make children cry. Acting experience is a plus, but not necessary. Please inform me of any prior experience in this kind of situation."

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Jun. 23rd, 2009 04:59 pm
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mother fuck i just want my last half hour of work to be alone -GTFO the office NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Jun. 23rd, 2009 01:41 pm
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ugh -- dew point at 73!

Dew Point °C Dew Point °F Human Perception Rel. Humidity at 90°F (32.2°C)
>24°C >75°F Extremely uncomfortable, fairly oppressive 62%
21 - 24°C 70 - 74°F Very humid, quite uncomfortable 52% - 60%
18 - 21°C 65 - 69°F Somewhat uncomfortable for most people at upper edge 44% - 52%
16 - 18°C 60 - 64°F OK for most, but all perceive the humidity at upper edge 37% - 46%
13 - 16°C 55 - 59°F Comfortable 31% - 41%
10 - 12°C 50 - 54°F Very comfortable 31% - 37%
<10°C <49°F A bit dry for some 30%



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