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So I learned about this neo-fascist movement called Identitarianism.

It seems to have arisen as a result of reactionary French intellectuals (I use that term lightly here) in opposition of the trends in the Academie to '68.  A reaction, if you will.

It appears to be a far-right hodge podge dressing itself up in pan-European racism and very strongly against people of color. 

They embrace the "Eurabia" mythos, and hearken to a future Golden Age (Seriously, look at the cover of this book, written by one of the leading "intellectuals" of this movement - Giant Arcologies in a Grain Belt and Healthy White Strapping Lad):

I went to bed last night, thinking and worried about this particular strain.  Much of the thinking goes towards Evola's Traditionalism, some of it tries the old 'Third Positionist' bullshittery.  I tried to listen to Guillaume Faye give a speech and it was just as much a Xenophobic screed as you'd expect from any French Fascist/Nationalist.  The only difference here is the Pan European aspect.  But the Clash of Civilizations theory is on bold display, here.

The reason I worry about this is due to the current refugee situation.  I don't like using the word "Crisis" with it, because while it may be a crisis, the implication when people say it so often is less about the Crisis as it pertains TO and FOR the refugees and instead implies a crisis for the Nation States who have the benefit of ignoring and pretending.  It only becomes a Crisis to the West FOR itself, and not giving a shit about the people who are actually affected.  So I call it the situation.  Because otherwise it plays a certain fear card linguistically that triggers people's buttons.  "CRISIS?  PANIC!  WE NEED TO DO SOMETHING! (Not for them, of course, FOR US!)"

So.  Here's the thing.  This is a huge narrative that's been bubbling in the European Right underground since as far as I'm old enough to be aware of such things (certainly post-911).  In terms of "Eurabia".  The suburban riots in France (and the reaction it's causing there - the "French Spring", another reactionary sort of event/moments (I apologize for linking to such bigoted/right wing "wikipedia" style sites, but it seems to have the most info - direct from the ass's mouths) --  which was apparently an uprising of Monarchs, Catholics and Identitarians).  Gotta fucking love this Metapedia, they sure do love talking about "Masons".  So is this a huge thing amongst the French right?  I mean, I know Masons are a deal amongst a certain conspiratorial set, but reading the Identitarian section doesn't seem to give much concern about that bugaboo.  I'm sure it's just the one editor of this particular page who pushes that line, but I forget people still believe that shit in a way that's more than just "LADY GAGA USES MASONIC IMAGERY AND IS BRAINWASHED" idiocy.

So - ok.  Get back AGAIN to the point.

Refugees.  We are seeing the results of our warmongering taking hold.  We continue to insist on the overthrow of Assad, and thus putting us in opposition to Putin and Syria, drawn Putin into war.  Arming "good guy" rebels (but not the "bad guy" rebels, of course, somehow).  We are drawing this thing out longer than it should be.  And in the meantime, more innocent victims are at play.  They, in desperation, mostly middle class citizens who have the means and ability to do so, are fleeing.  The right-wing propaganda use this exodus as a fearmongering tactic with concerns of a 5th column, with propaganda at play.

So now we see the reactionary elements across European society starting to raise their ugly head, in a way we haven't really seen in a long time.  I mean, certainly we've heard peeps and skritches when people like Jorg Haider or Jean-Marie Le Pen or Geert Wilders raise their hideous festering voices.  We've seen the rise in Eastern Europe of movements like Maidan (I don't think they're fully "Fascist" per se, but definitely a certain type of Nationalism which can easily fall in line with similar fascist tendencies) or more definitely fascist with Fidesz/Orban.  And Edrogan in Turkey just won the majority, which is bad news.  And then you have the Right Wing in Portugal stating outright that they cannot let an actual left-wing majority (not in the technical sense, nobody 1 party has a majority, but >50% of the vote went to the Left/Left-oriented parties - but since the largest single party at 36% is a right-wing party, they are claiming the mantle and refusing the other parties to actually have their majority voice heard). 

And recently the Swedish Foreign Minister is talking about Sweden facing "Collapse" due to the immigrants.  Though I don't disagree with her call for other European countries to do their share in helping.  They at least sound like they are trying to do the right thing, and want to figure out a way that all can share "the burden" (another thing I don't like saying, but it is, technically such). 

So now, we have these reactionaries, and they may not be the dominant voice now, but it doesn't take a lot, especially as the pressure of the continued influx of refugees (and their continued, needless deaths in the process) combines with the latent fearmongering and propaganda that's been worked over the years by the fascist/nationalists.  You see some talk already pursuing these lines of resentment.  OK, so we're going to have more Syrian Refugees for the foreseeable future in the millions.  The United States, one of the most complicit parties to this in the first place, so far as I've seen, has only come out and said "We'll take 10,000"  FUCK YOU.  This continues to put unneeded pressure on the countries who didn't nearly as directly have an influence on events as they stand in the Middle East now.  Some are more complicit than others, of course.  But the US, IMO, bears the disproportionate responsibility for the current situation (in terms of outside influence).  This means we need to take responsibility for the results of our actions and work towards an amnesty program that is fast and efficient and does the best it can towards helping those who need it.  But we know THAT won't happen anytime soon.

So - here's this rabid xenophobic trend in the right-wings across "Europe" and the US.  Often presenting itself as a clash of civilizations (and the US has its own other nativist anti-Mexican (I mean "immigrant" because of course we're meaning all immigrants and it doesn't have anything to do with the color of their skin, no no no, even though we only ever hear talk about "building a Wall & Trump Casino" on the southern border). 

Now - why am I worried?  Surely we'll keep the fascists in line, right?  They're a minority, no?  Maybe, maybe not.  But this is not the only wave.  The US Army understands this.  They have documents regarding the effects of Climate Change and the crises that may potentially result.  Between increased droughts in certain regions (leading to "water wars), mass flooding of islands (leading to an exodus of islanders towards a larger land mass), we are going to see much more in the coming century of the "Refugee Crisis" and I dare say that this may be the dominant issue at play w/r/t global politics and how it's going to shape our political evolutions.

And this xenophobic nationalism (or pan-nationalism) by the countries who exploited those who will suffer the most (not to say all island nations are Micronesian or whatever... Indonesia, is a massive country that's rich as hell (as a country, we're not talking distribution or other such things - we're all complicit in the Global Capitalist Regime, and that includes the internals of a given country...  I'm talking in general national wealth)... The rich-white countries that are now looking back to some conservative/traditional reactionary rhetoric and ideologies to maintain their position, while putting further pressure on those on the bottom.


So I worry about this because I see a populist/nationalist/reactionary movement rising up and demanding their nation-states becoming ever more reactionary.  The current National-Security State which is pro-Corporate (not Fascist-Corporate, US/Economic Corporate) has an incentive to at least find a way to mitigate the issue.  The left-wing of course, is very sympathetic to the plights of the refugees.

What I wonder, though.  We have the US Army with its own understanding of these issues at play.  It clearly feels it has some role to play.  What is the "National Security Strategy" of the US with regards to these things?  Is this considered part of the domain of "Homeland Security"?  What about "National Security Agency"?  The thing is - all these things are built up as defense mechanisms of the Nation-State, not as charitable arms/wings of the nation-state.  For that you have USAID.  But AFAIK, USAID only works in other countries, not dealing with immigration and such things.

But as long as the US continues to take a narrow, corporatist view of immigration (what's good for the economy), and not any sort of humanitarian or even security sense (not fear-mongering security "SCAN FOR ALL BOMBS" but long term needs of reconciling the facts of the matter at hand) we are going to have a much harder time down the line dealing with the situation, and my concern is we will need a sustatined left-wing answer to the Trumps and Xenophobes in this fucking country to help prevent a rise of something like Identitarianism in the US.  (That's not even taking into account all the social vectors of MRA type groups who also have reactionary views that aren't explicitly racist/nativist, but certainly would align themselves with a burgeoning right-wing).

What is the long term strategic interest of the United States in terms of preventing a reaction against Refugees, while still exploiting them for the US Corporate Purposes?  This is one thing I wonder.

Mostly - my concern is that this current "Syrian Refugee Crisis" is but the tip of the spear.  To those on the right - this is seen as a national attack.  I worry about the Refugee Crisis, not because of what it will do to Europe-ua-White-Christendom, but rather what it will do to Europe-qua-Secular-International-Polity.  I worry less about what the refugees will do to Europe and more about what Europe-qua-Christendom will end up doing to Europe-qua-Secular-International-Polity via fear of The Refugee Other.  This is a sustained event that is not going away tomorrow, and as it continues onward, the propaganda from the right-wing will continue to be more vocal and insidious and full of hate.  The Left needs to work towards counteracting that.  I don't think the left has really a particularly sustained method of dealing with this and it needs to start thinking about these issues now, on an international scale and how to confront the nationalist horrors that are unfolding before our very eyes.


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