1) different asteroids/debris that comes floating in is colored various ways: Green for low threat/value, yellow for mid, and red for DANGER! Each of these has a basic score. 1, 2 or 3. These scores determine how much radius is added to the hole.

2) the energy/resources that may remain after destroying an asteroid is also colored/valued, and provides a certain number of bars of energy. If any asteroid has resources, after destroying the asteroid, resource is released, and it continues on the same trajectory as the asteroid (sorry no complex gravity sim, here) this value is separate from the destroyed asteroid value and is probably going to be randomly generated... Maybe. It's your job to intercept these resources and deploy the tractor beam to pull it in... When it's pulled in, you level up...

As you level up there is a meter on the right hand side of the screen that indicates what power level you're at... Red means you're stuck there. Yellow means you get a power boost, and can use that as a speed enhance for emergency situations in the circle to move around faster, but it'd be depleted. Once it hits green, you're good to go, and can escape.

3) each level will have different sizes of orbits, and rates of growth. Lower levels have a larger orbit (thus more time for the black hole to grow and more time for you to be able to gain material) Later levels have smaller orbits..... Earlier levels also have more
So I want to make a simple waveform editor for my samplesource site, and I was a bit leary, but after a bit of googling today, I found a few seemingly decent resources. One specifically for Java (however the damn site is still loading after fucking 10 minutes, I'm saving that puppy to disk so I don't have to reload it again.), and a few questions on usenet...

Basically from what I can tell is I'd have to analyze the file (with a wave I think this is easier than like mp3 or ogg, but there are libs to use so I'll try those, basically I think I could just decode the ogg/mp3 to a wav, then go from there. dunno for sure) Then, in the example someone mentioned... scan every 256 samples. That seems like low res, but if you figure that there's 44000 samples per second, then that's still like between 100-200 samples a second. For each sample, merely y++, then plot the x based on the data for that sample (that is, I believe, the amplitude of the signal... In the thing I read, they suggested taking the strongest signal from that set of samples, and use that to plot it) I'm still quite hazy on it, but I have a general grasp of the concept. When I have more time I'll look at the docs in further depth and think it through...

The next issue is going to be which framework to use. I want something that's useable in the browser so it can be either Java, Flash or Javascript. The next trick is to figure out how to allow a user to draw a selection of the sample, and export that to a file to be uploaded to the wiki (this would be done on the server I believe, encoding the little selection as an ogg file, as that's what mediawiki supports) A lot of shit to deal with, of course, but I think it's doable.

I tried looking at the audacity source code, but being that it's in CVS, I'm not sure I know where to begin. I looked at a couple spots that seemed promising, but there wasn't much info that was usable to me.

is the header file that appears to contain the code for selecting sections of a wave file.

This is for my own reference, as well as for those who give a rat's ass... I'm posting this so I can easily find it later... :)


Upload dialog??? Hmmm.... this could be of use as well...

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Sep. 26th, 2005 10:11 pm
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how hard would it be to create an extension to firefox that could render a directory of images as a mini-gallery. it shouldn't be that hard, should it?
I would like to see Nintendo-LOGO.  As in the programming language.  Perhaps a visual programming interface, drag and drop code and enter in values.

Of course, the turtle shell would be a Koopa shell.  I initially imagined a 3 dimensional  version of LOGO (this was shortly after N64 came out so those were the images in my head at the time), using the x,y,z co-ordinates.

Oohh.. could you create an XML version of LOGO?  It seems like a plausible idea, I think.  Like using XML as the data set to feed an interpreter that renders the data as LOGO?


OK, now the other thing I've thought about with modern GUI's...  This is especially important for powerful CommandLine systems (such as the *nixes).  Windows has to shitty of a command line for any real, functional usage.

They have some interesting ideas for the future, but for now it's shit.  And I think that they're keeping their own versions with the DOS names.  DIR instead of ls, for example.  IMO, DIR is just fucking weak.  Anyways, they want to have the capabilities to pass full objects as paramaters into the commands given.  I don't remember much about it.  The idea is nice, but knowing how M$ works, it's just gonna be a shit implementation.

I'm sorry, but man...

OK, wait, what was i saying about negativity???

OK, so...

I think there should be a system wide "URL bar" at the top of the screen.  A simple keystroke can get you there, and you can type any address and it'll open full screen, with the URl bar at the top, and at the bottom, where there's the task switcher on most GUI's these days, I would have a single command line, perhaps expandable if you mouse over it if you want more than one line, and have the option to have more than 1 line if you prefer that way...

The actual output would just be another "window" in the system(like your popopen terminals, except it would run "full screen" between the two bars I just mentioned.

Instead of windows, you'd just have tabs beneath the URL bar, and switch with numbers on the tabs CTRL-Number...

anyways, yeah... that's it for that.

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Mar. 13th, 2005 09:31 pm
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idea: custom script that allows you to post entries to multiple "social bookmarking" sites from one form.

site-specific fields will be indicated as such. a field that only furl, for example, uses "clipping" as part of its form, but <a href="http://del.icio.us>del.icio.us</a> doesn't use that box in its form. would be highlighted orange(furl uses on orange logo), and for any other logo of other sites with different systems for bookmarking. Wonder how hard that would be to code... Probably not too hard.
AI Tagging system - context of document, analyze other tags(folksonomies)...

democratic - most popular tags rise to top, this system can utilize these tags to more accurately "hit" a category, based by parsing content of doc data.


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