What do I see but a standoff on the street near ours.  As I turn towards my street, a cop car is blocking off the road a bit further down.  I'm looking, and I see a female officer standing behind her car, with what appeared to be a gun propped into position.  not a handgun, mind you, but a rifle of some sort.  So I enter our door, and see [livejournal.com profile] sophy  in the backyard all excited.  She had the camera... good girl!

Here's her post on the happenings (I was away for almost all of this)

I should've popped around the corner to get a glimpse of the other cop, but decided not to.  *sigh* would've been a good shot.

Anyways, here's some pics.  Also, the dumptrucks.  Those are next to my place of work.  They're toys (duh)...  Figured they'd make a good shot.

more pics... )
See full sizes at flickr...
Interactive info-table at the Walker Art Center (in which [livejournal.com profile] vesicular had a 'hand' ..)

the info kiosk at the table...

lots of glowing lights, pretty clouds and green grass after cut...

-- Read more... )

also, if you click on the pic, it enlarges and allows you to add comments, so feel free if you like or dislike any of them to comment :) (hint, hint)

today, i go to see Mrs. Bacon(Helen), I find it odd to call her Mrs. Bacon as it sounds so formal, yet Helen seems a bit too informal, especially as being a mother to some of my friends.

Anyways, she's going to take me to Emma's grave. She said they're planning on a little memorial for her in the backyard. I hope to obtain pictures of Emma as I have none. It's been with me so much lately, as I've been listening to Siamese Dream, and that album makes me think of Emma so much.

On the phone today, she(Helen/Mrs. B) was very friendly and chatty. I don't know her that well, but mostly, the bit I know was because I'd catch her late at night when she finished work, so she was tired, and not the most talkative person at that time of the day. So it was nice to talk on a more personal level. I don't know if she really remembers me. She said I missed Ben by a few days. Apparently he's been living in Manhattan since 2001. Which shows how damn long I've been out of the loop, cuz last I heard he was in Minneapolis(in the goth band Dies Irae)... I'd shown a pic of him before(with the big ass anime hair). It'll be nice to find out what Jenny is doing, also.

Anyways, that's in a few hours. I'm a bit nervous.

Also, like I said, comment away on the album!!! I particularly like the Wind-Farm one that I took. It's a few miles from my parents house, so I decided to get a picture on my way up here. I like having a digital camera, and can't wait til it warms up so there's more interesting shit to capture.

Speaking of capturing images. Beyond Good and Evil. Been playing it a bit(I know I've hyped it before but feel the need to do so again)... It's fun! Not the most perfect game, maybe 85% or so. Solid, not quite classic, but almost. The reason I mention it, is because you play a reporter, and take pictures of things and send them to be published in an underground paper to incite people to revolution against the corrupt dictatorship... You also get to take pictures of animals. I'd like to see an online game like this, sort of a cross between Pilotwings(where you take pictures), Animal Crossing(which is a collecting game), and have a vast world to explore and share. Animal Crossing online would kick SO much ass, especially if they can make really customizable characters.


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