mp3 server up

Feb. 22nd, 2007 12:55 am
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Woot! So I got the server going and am up and running in linux with jinzora.

The two things I have yet to do are:
1) repoint my virtual server to the jinzora directory in the linux filesystem.
2) install the various codecs I need in order to downsample the streams on the fly. Mostly this isn't a problem now that I have higher bandwidth, but sometimes, if a few people are using the dsl at work, then I need to downsample, otherwise it drops.

Overall I'm a happy camper now. I did setup mysql unnecessarily (as it gave a redflag in the jinzora setup stating mysql wasn't setup) I forgot you can configure it as it's own backend setup instead of a database (which is what I did in windows and even posted about the other day, duh)

Since I don't really need mysql, I'm thinking I can uninstall it for the time being. No need to have a server running if I'm not gonna use it, right?

I'm only hoping the support works properly. It works in windows. It should work in linux. Yep, it is... YAY!

Level V

Feb. 1st, 2007 10:48 am
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"After testing many candidate regions, the researchers localized the effects of hallucinogens to the pyramidal neurons in layer V of the somatosensory cortex, a relatively high-level region known to modulate the activity of other sections in the cortex and subcortical areas."

via: sciam
Not in any specific order yet, but it hink I'm gonna upload these for ppl to donwload.

songlist for 05 hurricanes:

1) Apache Rose Peacock (rhcp)
2) New Damage (soundgarden)
3) Flashflood (aesop rock)
4) Burnin' n Lootin'
5) Angel (Belly)
6) The day the niggaz took over (dr dre)
7) Everythings ruined (FNM)
8) halfsharkalligator (dr oct)
9) Black Crow (Jamiroquai)
10) The great below (NIN)
11) Ashes in the Fall (RATM)
12) Luminous Rose (Robyn Hitchcock)
13) Pure Massacre (Silverchair)
14) Storm (GYBE)
15) aenima (Tool)
16) Beautiful Mother nature (ziggy marley)
17) The word hurricane (Air)

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Jul. 2nd, 2005 12:13 am
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Butt Probe

"Metasonix is a little company run by vacuum tube guru Eric Barbour. They build expensive, esoteric and surprisingly funny music gear from arcane vintage electronic components. Eric’s latest invention is the Butt Probe. Basically, it’s a fuzz box, in the way that Lamborghini Murciélago is basically a car.

Unlike the Lambo, the Butt Probe comes with knobs marked ‘Fist’, ‘Ream’ and ‘Screw’, which control the three ‘4BN6 Beam Modulator’ vacuum tubes, which were designed to be used in cheap TV sets. Eric has repurposed them to create “a vast range of NAUSEATING tonal effects not obtainable with any of the existing effect pedals on the market.”

You can even integrate the Butt Probe into a modular synth setup, using other modules or a sequencer to control the filter. How does it sound? Really, really messed up. The insulting and easily distracted product page (sample quote: “Ann Coulter is up your butt! Al Franken is up your butt! Can’t you feel them wriggling around in ther? It’s NASTY! ”) provides a series of helpful audio examples of the Butt Probe converting anything into a series of rhythmic, squawking bleeps.
All this doesn’t come cheap - the retail price for the limited run of 100 units is $549, but at least you know you it won’t be used on the new Kelly Clarkson single."

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Jun. 24th, 2005 01:38 pm
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Cut for URL length... Ken Nordine, Colors, jazz/spoken word album. Good shit...
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May. 29th, 2005 09:35 am
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Cory Doctorow: Joi Ito reports on a conversation with Dr. Roger Payne, a MacArthur-winning whale researcher who is the president of Ocean Alliance. It turns out that humpback whales riff off each other, remixing one another's songs, and developing trends and fashions in their singing over time.
He explained to me that Humpback Whales sang beautiful songs. They copy from each other, remixing the songs and add to the songs. These songs evolve over time and riffs get passed from whale to whale across the world. The songs have lots of interesting variations and even have rhymes. He made an interesting observation that the whale songs of the 60's were much more beautiful than the whale songs these days.
Very interesting texts here

I've bolded the ones that seem interesting to me upon a quick inspection.
example menu:

Our Collections
The Academy miscellaneous resources for students and faculty
new! Antislavery Literature the origins of multicultural literature in the U.S.
Art/Architecture links to art, architecture, and aesthetic theory
Bad Subjects political education for everyday life
Books book-length nonfiction and miscellaneous literatures
Calls for Papers calls for conference papers and journal articles
Cultronix a journal of contemporary art and cultural theory
Cultural Logic an electronic journal of marxist theory and practice
new! Cultural Theory readings in cultural studies and critical theory
Cyber Tech/Culture discussing links between technology and culture
new! Drama a collection of plays, modern works and classics
Early Modern Culture works and discussions in Renaissance studies
Education resources for both students and teachers
Eighteenth Century a site for eighteenth-century cultural history
Electronic Labyrinth a study of the implications of hypertext for writers
new! Feminism select resources in feminism and women's studies
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Jan. 11th, 2005 04:19 pm
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Pauls Boutique sample and reference list... awesome site. Hip-hop heads/Beastie Boy fans will appreciate this.

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Aug. 27th, 2001 08:59 pm
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I aim to decolonize my mind. I keep thinking about the timidity of cultural revolution in this country where people think that we've come a long way because we can have long hair and not have to wear a suit and tie at work, or the bourgoisie who pierce their lip or eyebrow or navel or something and think they're at the cutting edge of rebellion. I am not knocking an individual's right to do what they want. More power to them. But it bothers me that this is the acceptable limit of discourse on (r)evolution. They don't understand that what's happening is countercultural elements are co-opted by the mainstream, made to look cool, and poised as "rebellion" when it's really just another form of fashion fascism. Trends are bullshit. Piercing can be a very spiritual thing, but the people who really look to piercing as something more than a fashion statement are disregarded in general. If you have a thousand pins in your face, you're a freak. When in actuality, IMO, you are the true purveyor of counter-culture. I don't personally am not into peircings, but I hate co-option of counterculture.

The capitalist industry takes the profound, perverts it, and makes it mundane. Our rites of passage are now stolen from world culture, but stripped down and commercialized. Piercing, tattooing, bungee-jumping, etc... But those who pierce their brow now, because it's acceptable aren't really trying to deviate, and probably never would have been. Hmm... It's hard to express my feeling, because I certainly don't desire to prohibit anyone their right to do as they wish... But I feel that half the time, people aren't really expressing themselves so much as programmed by a system to "rebel" in specific certified ways.

I've written an essay about this before, about so called "rebellion" on MTV... Those shitty rap/metal bands who think they're so rebeliious, but they have no deeper meaning, no substance apart from the culture they exist in. I suppose the difference between rebellion and revolution is a matter of degrees and specificities. Rebellion is timid, meek, acceptable. Revolution is full-spirited, passion. It's not about being cool. It doesn't seek to be cool. Rebellion is juvenile, misanthropic antics without any sort of essence or larger goal, easily subverted into the mainstream channels of discourse of reality. Revolution is much more complex.

Long hair may be a cultural revolution to limited degrees. Other fashion revolutions may alter our mindset in limited ways, but they don't really alter the fundamentals, and that's why they're allowed. They're surface, superficialities. Easily another image to sell. It's not that I'm against any of these things, but I only wish people would really ask if they would do this without any sort of social pressures.

I aim to decolonize myself. I am bound by specific symbol-systems. I wish to cut these word-bonds that confine me to limited reality discourses. I initially designed a symbol to act as an imprint-system for symbioid, to make it easily referenced. But I realize that the whole purpose of symbioid is to deconstruct, to destroy fascism and propaganda. Most anti-propagandists use propaganda just as much as their enemy. I aim to remove propanda from myself, even my own propaganda. My catch-phrase used to be "choose your propaganda" which is still quite accurate, because everything is a system that's propagandized to you. But I want to reduce my reliance on symbols... However, it's impossible to completely eliminate symbol-systems from existence, becasuse that's what our world lives in. Reality is defined by language.

I've been reading "Anti-Oedipus: Capitalism and Schizophrenia" by Deleuze and Guattari, and one interesting quote they have is this: "The one vocation of the sign is to produce desire, engineering it in every direction. " This is similar to buddhism in that buddhism realizes that in order to be liberated we must escape desire, and in order to do that, we need to penetrate past the language barriers we construct for ourselves, and penetrate into the nature of things, realizing their "suchness". Instead of compartmentalizing things such that by looking at a tree, i automatically give it a word signifier "tree" and from their give it it's general function and role as to what a tree is, without really seeing that individual tree for it's own self. The buddhist attempts to move past labels and seeing the nature of that tree, in it's detail, from the leaves and bark and structure to it's purpose in life, it's progression in time, etc... Instead of a basic template which we ascribe a word to and then attach all categories to that template, we look at the individual object and remove the template and it's label. No longer do adjectives or nouns exist, I guess my point is that liberation from language is the ultimate liberation. The destruction of language and symbol systems constitutes a re-ordering of the individual. I aim to be like the phoenix, continually dying so that I may be reborn anew from the ashes of the old. But I fear the process of that death. I fear losing what I already have and what i have become.

There's so many more things swimming through my mind. I sometimes feel that I should be egalitarian, but I realize that I'm elitist and hold a general contempt for humanity. Lacan states that we are slaves not because we're duped, but because we all, in some way or another, desire to be slaves. And I enslave myself, just as much as another, but in a different way. I want to become aware of the way I enslave myself, what my desire for enslavement and how it relates to my desire for liberation.

I've been thinking about the process of art, the role of the artist, and where I'm going with my art. No longer am I about "self-expression", nor "cultural-reflection" but rather I want to be involved in the process of art as art. Understanding that it's the production of art that is the art, and not so much the final product. With this I think I may be able to produce that which I desire to produce... I've held myself back so much thinking I'm lazy, but I think I may have had a misunderstanding of what I really wanted to do. I want to explore media theory more than actual music or art. To express these theories in artistic forms without being constrained by what I think something should or shouldn't be. Instead of worrying about making "music" or some such thing, I will only worry about expressing ideas, and not trying to make it conform to a specific social construct of what should or shouldn't be expressed.

And so now that I've occupied your time in a most delirious way, and wasted bandwidth on your system, i'll let you be. 'sbeen a while, and I'm glad I'm back, but I'm still not back as much as I'd like. Still so much moving in to do. grr.. anyways, peace out y'all.


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