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May. 28th, 2005 10:29 pm
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Jesus "loves the little children" in the same way *Susan Smith in 1995 loved her two kids that she drowned.

-- jcnot4me.com

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Apr. 20th, 2005 12:18 am
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Christian Restaurant:

Burger King of Kings.

Every Joy of the Lord meal contains a free Bible!

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Apr. 2nd, 2005 01:06 pm
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ok, so pro-life cyborgs for jesus.

how was i figuring this?  so, the pope says we must take the measures to live.  isn't it hypocritical of him to deny himself extreme measures to keep him alive, even if he were to fall into the state of Terri Schiavo???  Because she's alive, and it would be wrong to kill her, so isn't it wrong to deny himself the treatment necessary for the continuation of his life?

and if it is wrong, why stop at a ventilator or feeding tube?  what about other artifical bionic means?  the 6 billion dollar pope!

wkawkakwakwa... (you know,... that 6 million dollar sound)

anyways.  if it's unjust to let someone die naturally, and you must preserve life at all costs, then won't this necessarily bring about the age of cyborgs, because by necessity people will need to extend their lives with machine technology as their organs fail and are replaced with synthetic substitutes.

so then we have pro-jesus cyborgs ready to force everyone else to become one of them.  would this explain xianity's embrace of capital (yes, I'm leaving out things like liberation theology, and even the pope's more socialistic tendencies) but overall, maybe, since the machines are required, and capitalism is efficient at producing machines, and god wants us to be cyborgs (apparently), then that's why xianity and capitalism mix...

Are the xians going to someday mix with the extropians/transhumanists?  that's just wrong!
"What's that?" I hear you say.  Pro-Life Cyborgs for Jesus?  Christ, Jim, that's absurd.  It's like Reptilian Overlords for the Easter Bunny.  A magick imp spirit, polymorphing his way into your heart, only to rip out all humanity in you.

See, that is the way it will be.  The pope has chosen not to go to the hospital.  This is in effect, him denying treatment that could potentially prolong his life.  No matter how fucking shitty it is.

The hardest core of these so-called pro-lifers, commit vigilante "justice" in the name of the unborn souls.

But are not these souls little cabbage patch kid heads, growing in a garden?  They ascended to heaven to take seed there, amongst the clouds, springing up to new life in the glorious light of Jesus H. Christ (the H is for Hitler -- I'm going to hell for that one.)

OK... back on the track. 

i lied, i made some art instead.

i'm tired now.

maybe i can pick this up in a less stoned manner tomorrow.

sorry ray for the whole stoned silliness thing that you hate so much... :)


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