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Sep. 26th, 2005 10:11 pm
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how hard would it be to create an extension to firefox that could render a directory of images as a mini-gallery. it shouldn't be that hard, should it?


May. 13th, 2005 06:26 pm
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This is another thing I was thinking tonight.

I want games developed and published by Warp. I want their musicians to contribute and their video and animation people involved. I want to see them have programmers working on the code and creating works of art and interactive entertainment. But there has to be a slow process to get there.

I also think Warp should record all shows live. Put them up on bleep.com... Give attendees of the show a special password to allow them to access it for free before it's officially available. Reward people who go to the show...

The final thing that I think would be cool is to create a foundation for the research of music technologies and work in conjunction with MIT. MIT has already produced many musical interface projects. And I could see musical instruments and toys, software and hardware... Then, when they sell an album, part of the price will go to this foundation, and you will have a place for people to contribute (could you get a tax exempt status for that foundation? hmm....) to the foundation as well.

I'm not sure all of this is really feasible, but I think that there's certainly potential for some of it, even if in reduced form...

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May. 5th, 2005 08:31 pm
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I know why I empathize with Nintendo. It's partially that, as you may suspect, I like their innovation drive. That, even if they fail at some things (Virtual Boy, anyone?), they still take that chance. The DS is representative of Nintendo's methodology. It's like the underground hacker, pushing technology.

The PSP... yes, it's pushing technology, and it's very pretty, and shiny too!

The PSP is the "bling-bling" of the handheld console world.

This does not invalidate Sony's approach. Bigger and Faster... That's not the point of this essay.

I'm focusing on my appreciation of Nintendo, and what I see as it's potential for the future. (which is really just my big fucking dream come true...)

They keep saying that their system will be "Revolutionary", and I know that some people think it's just a controller difference. Maybe it is.

But in my head, I've been envisioning for years now a tabletop system that's a touch screen.

The biggest problem, right now, is that the technology is a bit expensive yet, for the system I see.

Maybe a 15 inch flat touchscreen. Now, this system could have ports (wireless, of course) to communicate with an external personal control interface (also utilizing a touch screen to keep the interfaces connected as a unified whole)

This is what I think should be their "Third Column" of which the DS is a part.

For gamers, this system wouldn't be too shabby, but to really make it catch off, you'd have to create pieces to hold in your hands.

Why? Because people like a tactile experience. Initially I just thought "generic plastic piece with RFID embedded, perhaps? Sensors that can locate where a piece is and give appropriate information about any piece that is used.

Then I thought of how, while generic pieces are nice, it would be nicer if one could have a 3D Printer to print unique pieces (these 3-D Printers exist, btw... they're for creating prototypes of objects.

Above is an example...

cool article about a self-replicating one...


I'ven't looked yet, but I assume they're a wee on the pricey side. So, yeah, maybe impractical at this point. (ok, yeah.... 25k)

Anyways, so imagine software that can be uploaded into the gaming system, and it can transfer data to the 3D printer, and create game pieces molded specifically for that game. I don't know how practical this is, even without considering cost.

But, I think with their attempt at integration of portable game platform and console integration (and thus spurring more emergent modes of behavior, and thus new gameplay mechanics and game systems.), we could see the DS be a private interface, and this touchscreen system... at this point forget tactile...

only touchscreen. (ignore the discrepency of my terms: tactile and touchscreen. I think you get my gist)

The system can interact via wifi to the DS. Some games could require the DS as an interface, and others could use the basic system itself without integration.

Well, I think you can get the general image of where I'm coming from.
quick note/idea...

it just popped in my head now, and i've not fully evaluated implications, and i'm heading to bed, but want it down, and have you add your insights to this.

privatization sucks.

most on my friends list agree with that.  some more than others.

but i'm not a big traditional "liberal," so I'm not necessarily opposed to thinking about alternative systems of things.  this includes reducing gov't waste.

i was reading something about gingrich, and for some reason, the idea popped into my head...  privatization usually means putting a service into the private MARKET which has a profit motive for it.

Now, what if there is something else.  Instead of the government providing services, and instead of turning it over to profit-based corporations, what if people can form non-profit orgs, that will deal with these issues.  However, the money will not be from individuals, there will still be a collective/tax-based system, but would this help eliminate waste???

Would this be less, more or equally (in)efficient?

Are there any good reasons for doing this, and what are the possible negative effects...

must sleep.

thanks for any insight...

P.S. my overall hunches are that this is a dumb idea, and that it's not going to either be more efficient or less complicated, that it could open the way to even more fraud(this time through the organizations) than a regular government system, but perhaps less fraud than a pure corporate system.  bah.


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