(HealthNewsDigest.com).. New Haven, CT - The basic economic theory that people work harder to avoid losing money than they do to make money is shared by monkeys, suggesting this trait has a long evolutionary history, according to a Yale University study under review by the Journal of Political Economy.

This phenomenon, known as "loss aversion," refers to the tendency for people to strongly prefer avoiding losses to acquiring gains. "A large body of studies suggest that losses are more than twice as psychologically powerful as gains," said author M. Keith Chen, assistant professor at Yale School of Management.



The more you have the harder you struggle to keep it. Which is why the rich really fucking hate us trying to "socialize wealth"

It's also why I have a problem with house ownership in general. The theory is nice, and I like the idea of a "home" but... It reinforces the mindset of kings and the aristocracy. It sees power in it's hands, and doesn't really like to devolve it any further.

Yes it's a natural tendency, but when power is given, it's that much harder to redistribute in a more equitable manner.

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Jun. 25th, 2005 12:04 am
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OK, I hate to go onto rant too much, but again...

This guy is gloating that he can charge more money for this product (which can help save lives), because the "Market" demands it.

No, fucker. It's not the market... It's the fucking patients who need healthcare, but because you have them at your mercy, you fucking steal from them. You are no better, to me, than a weasel car salesman. You are a criminal. You're a fucking crook.

And somehow our world sees this as alright. And if you defend this, if you can even think that because the market says it's moral, you are sick. You need fucking therapy.

If you think that it's moral for this dick to make more money, merely because he can, that his profit comes at the expense of, not only the individual, but the society who shares that individual's burden, and you think it's just okey-dokey.

I apologize that I'm so virulently anti-capitalist. I'm sorry. And I'm sorry I'm a fucking hypocrite. And don't try to tell me "Oh, that's okay, we all do it..." No... Hypocrite? What do you mean? Oh, let's see. Let me count the ways. I eat meat. I shop at chain stores. I buy lots of plastic things that give me temporary pleasure. All to be bedazzled by the glamoury... And I don't give as much as I should, nor participate like I say the ideal is for a community.

I liked the steady increase in sales and their ability to raise the price from $185 to $195 because of the high demand.

Kamalini Ramdas, associate professor, Darden Graduate School of Business, University of Virginia

"SPOT Endoscopic Marking System
Credit: BOLT
Client: G.I. Supply

The SPOT Endoscopic Marking System provides a method of marking cancerous lesions on the wall of a patient's stomach or colon during an endoscopic procedure. The mark provides a reference point for subsequent removal of the tissue. The inexpensive packaging solution turned the technology into a product, by creating a whimsical brand identity that uses color and simple iconography that make it appear less threatening, thereby reducing user anxiety.

Within just three years SPOT represented 28 percent of the company's total revenues while also being the primary driver of a 61 percent cumulative increase in overall company revenues. The president of GI Supply, Frank Carter stated, "Sales on SPOT have far exceeded our expectations. It has been our most successful new product introduction ever. Thanks to BOLT, we have a strong, valuable brand and a unique market position that allows us to compete successfully against competitors or larger size and greater resources."

The SPOT Endoscopic Marking system was a 2001 Gold IDEA winner in the Packaging & Graphics category."
It's like they never grew out of being two-year old boys who clutch their toys tightly and shout "MINE MINE MINE!", stomping their feet and demanding they get what they want...

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Jun. 9th, 2005 11:17 pm
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The heads of America's 500 biggest companies received an aggregate 54% pay raise last year. As a group, their total compensation amounted to $5.1 billion, versus $3.3 billion in fiscal 2003.

We define total compensation as salary and bonus plus "other" compensation, which includes vested restricted stock grants and "stock gains," the value realized from exercising stock options during the just-concluded fiscal year.

For those companies in which the chief executive has been in office six years or longer, we looked at average six-year total compensation and compared this to long-term stock performance of industry peers as well as the overall stock market. We ranked 189 chief executives in our performance versus pay scorecard. More...

good read on rap's fascination with bling, and the misery of the African homeland fueled by this capitalist greed...
Note: why, when discussing single payer health care, do the rightwingnuts always say "canada's plan sucks" (etc, even though it's not perfect, sure)... but if you show them something like this: Oh, we don't have to do it the same way... which is what I say to them for converting health, but they don't think that's a legit argument...

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