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Feb. 3rd, 2010 12:37 pm
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Oh boy...

So I just came up with a trio of game concepts based around a similar "dual-role" mechanic...


A trio of games w/similar group mechanics
* Anti-Terror Game - A game about terror and stopping it (This ain't no game) (terrorist/DHS)
* Drug-Dealing Game - A game about dealing drugs and stopping it. (Cartel/DEA)
* Dictator Game - A game about being a dictator and being the baddest around. (Dictator/Population)

So, here's how I see my long term "game plan" shaping up around the games.

Abstract Games -
1) Once I get Hexomination, playtest the shit out of it with anyone who will play.
2) Get Fimo and make rings for We 3 Rings. Playtest the shit out of it.
3) Prism: Work on making the board and pieces for that.

Card Games -
1) Happy Hour - I have the basic idea, and card makeup. Need to see if Emmalee can make the art. I'll just do mockups (bought index cards last night for this purpose). Need to design "event cards" to play and foil opponents.
2) 6 Degrees - Just need to make a batch of "object" cards, brainstorm different kinds of things, and let the game play out. I think this has potential for quick easy party-game.

Board Games -
1) Ascendaemon - The first board game idea I had. Have the idea for the board itself. Just need to mock it up. Can use simple wood pieces as pawns/souls. Then just mock up cards with text, and playtest.
2) The three games above. Not sure which order. I think those have the most potential for fun if made right. Those are long term projects. I can see those getting complicated. But I think they could really be like Pandemic (not that I've played it but it seems like it would be fun)...

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Mar. 28th, 2009 10:17 pm
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Card game idea:

You have a mat, that's got 4 rows, and... I dunno 8 columns?

You have a card deck that has 2 basic card types.

One card tells you the range of fire, the other is the amount of power. 

You draw x cards.  You can combine the cards in any combination of power and range that you see fit. 

Ranges are from 1 to 4.  Of course, the higher the range, the fewer cards there will be.  Hmm...  Maybe there will also be various health cards for "hit points" of these abstract machines.

Anyways, a range of one means you can hit the card directly in front of you.  2, is the card in front of that, etc...

It's like chess and magic.  You want to shoot your opponent and kill his hit points, but you have to go through the opponent.

If I have a card with range of 4 and it's in the row closes to me, I can shoot all the way over to my opponent.  But if I have a range 1 card in my rear row, I need to have it move up and hit the enemy to the last row of the enemy to hit it.  That means I need to clear a path, since it can only shoot one in front of it (i.e. melee range)...

Maybe I can expand the rows to 6 and have a battle field in the center like chess, just to open up some movement possibilities.  Maybe I could have "movement" cards that would define how a card is to move (like chess pieces move certain ways).


I have a set of clear plastic cards.  What if you used clear cards that had the values for each thing on each corner.  That way you could "stack" the cards, and not have to worry about seeing the full data  by picking up and fanning out, or whatever.  Say, the range would be upper right, and colored red.  Power could be upper left and colored green.  Hit points could be black and in the back.  Movement could be a circle with a line of direction in the center.  You place them on top of the cards, and build up a machine.

I dunno.

Does this sound interesting?

Looks interesting... Haven't read the full thing. Gonna check it out more later tonight.

Here's the quick mockup.

Along the top, you have a range of options to choose from for casting. Each colored section is a "speed".
The triangle on the top indicates where you are currently at.
The bottom bar indicates your allowed "time"/mana. (time is mana! *groan*)

As you hold the mouse button down, it moves the triangle from left to right. When you hit the range you want to be in, you make sure to let go, and the triangle will start to move to the left. If it starts to fall below the range, you hold the mouse button down again, to get it up higher.

Each speed indicates the amount of damage per unit of time (I'll call it "tick" here, but it's not necessarily using the same mechanics as wow's "tick"/timing system)...

Green/slow gives, say, 1/tick; yellow=2/tick; red=3/tick. (for example, of course)

The casting cost of each of these, is thus increased as well. (let's just use the dmg as our cost, so 1,2,3 respectively)

The mana/timer bar indicates how much mana you have to spend on the spell. Let's say a tick is 1 second, and the mana cost of a spell is 10.

The blue bar, then, indicates 10 mana. This is taken from your main mana pool.

Now in the example image, we've already used some. Let's pretend it's down to 7 mana points left (we've used 1 green and 1 yellow so far.) We could keep in the yellow range, and do 2 damage/tick for 3 times, and have 1 mana point left over. Or, we could go to the red range and increase our dps (OK, i'll break and call it dps, especially since in this example, I'm using a tick/sec). This would lets us do 3 dps, and allow use to do it twice, and have one mana point left over. In each case, we have 1 mana left.

We could either throttle down to the green and spend that last point, stop channeling the spell (and return that 1 point back to our main pool), or the "mana burn" option, which is to go beyond what we're given in mana, and then this would draw on our HP.

The balance issues coming into play would be "why don't I just stop casting and recast"... Why would I keep casting a spell if it damaged me?

A couple answers off the top of my head could be: The timer on the channeled spell's cooldown isn't finished yet, and you'd have to wait a while to finish it, but if you're still casting this spell, you can keep casting it, at the cost of health (willpower???))

The other option is to perhaps give an "endurance" buff... You've been able to channel it so long, and now you're enduring stress/pain, but at the same time, your resolve is increased, making the spell stronger... So, you have an incentive to cast this damaging spell, because even though you're hurting yourself, you're also doing more damage to your opponent than the normal casting would do (say 4 or 5 dps versus the topend of 3 dps in regular channeling).

I don't know, of course, as this is the very first day I thought of this concept.

The other interesting thing about this method is that it allows you to control your dps, which in turn can help you control your aggro. This means that when soloing, you can hit full blast red meter and do as much dps as possible, but in a group setting, since you magice users are so damn squishy, you can tone it down, doing less dps, while still having the same spell and mechanics. It can allow you to throttle your spellcasting as needed, hitting the max amount you can afford, and pull back if necessary.

Of course, this is only on a channeling spell. Instant-cast DOTs and other direct damage spells would need their own mechanic...


May. 23rd, 2007 01:26 pm
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So, I got Garnok (My troll shammy) up to level 56 last night, and Symbioid (My Tauren hunter) up to 64.

I haven't really played any of my other alts since I've gone back to the dark side (and made [livejournal.com profile] sophy into a WoW widow once again).

So I'm happy to have Aspect of the Viper, which regenerates your mana at 25% (IIRC) of your Int per 5 sec... Alas, I have pretty low Int (even though I've tried to get more Int gear since the changes in BC) I think I need to lower some of my Stam and put more into Int.

This means I only get a 25m/5s boost to my regen. The nice thing is that this works during combat. Especially if I'm using steady shot (which doesn't allow mana regen to work, compared to Aimed shot, which is a long shot, and gives time for a bit of regen).

The problem though, is that you can only have one aspect active, and if I'm using Viper, well, I'm not using Aspect of the Hawk, so sure... I get more mana, but less effective hits, and I think at this point, it's not an effective tradeoff, I'm going to end up using hawk more than viper. During downtime, I'll flip to Viper if I'm walking, etc... Just to get some extra mana, if i'm not drinking mana. But otherwise, sorry viper, you're not that great.
So i posted about a meta-game the other day... like how would you convert a metafiction into a game... one of my favorite ideas is the author as god, this plays into the occult quite well.

But how would you add these layers?

Well as a game is "written" by a developer, I was thinking about Tron and how that was sorta Meta. As I do that, I'm doing data entry, and what name pops up right as I'm thinking the phrase "Tron 3.0" (as there was already a game called Tron 2.0 "Michael FLYNN" And we know Flynn was the coder in the movie. And I checked... That name didn't show up earlier than the moment I just saw it, so it wasn't fresh in my mind and spawned the thought of Tron.

Interesting synchronicity, no? Anyways, have a component of the game be development. Somehow, use the AI aspect (MCP: Master Control Program) as the villain in the game, but have it evolve, somehow... But also, perhaps an MMORPG type feel. (.hack?) And somehow tie this together with the coder "playing" his life, and so you can push that on the higher level for you as the gamer in your real life.

Why does this seem harder to do as a game than as a written fiction? For some reason to me, it seems qualitatively different, the interactive nature of it...

What sort of Nemesis would the AI be? A Dickian gnostic deity? How is this entity orthogonal to the player? IS the player a self-constructed AI?

I really think it would be interesting to have an evolving AI as a foe, (de)constructing the world in antithesis to you. Perhaps going through the process of development to beta testing and refinement... Making the beta-testers go mad in the process?


Jan. 10th, 2007 12:42 pm
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So, as I was reading the game design book the other night (which so far, is really great... I'm still on the first essay (I only read it sporadically)) Anyways, as I was reading it, I began to wonder what a metagame would be like. Not in the sense of Calvin Ball or 1000 Blank White Cards (which I so fucking wanna do sometime with a good group of people... come one people, let's do it!), but more along the lines of sci-fi novels.

Metafiction in game form. A kind of game that really takes you in and twists reality. Certain novels, comics, and films do this quite well, but there has, to my knowledge, been no game that does such a thing. Sure there are great intricate worlds such as <a href="http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Myst>Myst</a> that maybe touch on some things like this. I must admit however that I've never played it, so I'm not sure how "meta" it gets. I then tried to imagine a game that would do this, and I'm not sure where one would even begin. You can't just translate a novel into game form and expect it to work. There has to be a real connection with the interactiveness of the player as participant and as designer. A game that can induce synchronicities, that is to say, a game that induces the player to perceive connections in the world around them. (may I just add that the built in Firefox spell check doesn't properly recognize synchronicity or it's variants). A game that empowers the player to not only play a game "in there" but "out there". Inspiring in the same way a Philip K. Dick novel would be, or something like the Invisibles. You would have to work on the theory of what a game is in essence, then expand outward. In the Invisibles, one of my favorite things was the metaphors and allusions (not so subtle, necessarily) of the author as god in a universe. He explored this in a magickal way. Could you use the idea of magic(k), especially our modern "chaos" variants, and theories behind it to work on this game design? How would you go about it? I'd really like to see something like this done, but it seems like such an impossible task. When I tried to picture how it would work, I realized then why Ebert says games are not yet an artform. They are, IMO, to a degree. But at this point, there is still nothing that has really touched and drawn in the user to such a degree that novels, films and comics can and have done, and will continue to do. Where is our PKD for the game world? Our Borges? Our Kubrick? Hell, where's our Morrison? Our Alan Moore?

Manifesto games, which I posted about earlier, is having a contest: Design their logo and win an X-Box 360. They also would like some HTML coding, but no prizes (alas) for that. Weird, though, because I think HTML design is a LOT harder than doing a logo.

Anyways, my general concept is behind the cut, along with a basic explanation:
PNG image ahead.

Read more... )
The Protracted Game: A Wei-Chi Interpretation of Maoist Revolutionary Strategy, Scott A. Boorman, Oxford University Press, 1969.
Democrats have one last chance to prove it to me that they can change themselves. If they fucking nominate Hillary, I refuse to support Democrats... Except for the few that I HAVE seen that for the most part stand up. Even then, though, they're a bit conservative for me. All that dick flag waving... If I threw up on a flag, it would be an act of my literal sickness and revulsion towards the current state of affairs. It would most assuredly be an act of speech by me, that is truly expressing my opinion. Oops, won't slide into crazyland here, I'll let you all off nice and easy.

"On her official Web site, Clinton lists "fighting the culture of sex and violence in the media" as part of her platform, and in March, she joined with Senators Joe Lieberman (R-CT), Sam Brownback (R-KS), and Rick Santorum (R-PA) to cosponsor legislation seeking $90 million over five years for research into how viewing different types of media (television, video games, and the Internet in particular) affects children's development."

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Jun. 2nd, 2005 11:55 pm
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I officially declare my love of Metal Slug 3.

The beauty in the artwork, the level of detail, the magnifient use of color, the branching level design, the weapon upgrades, the vehicles you can ride in, the 4 characters you can play as, the varied environments, so far I'm on level 3: The first was a beach, the second was a graveyard (I think?) at night, with you fighting zombies... the third is a "nazi"enemy, with subs and ships, fought underwater. I say nazi in parentheses because it's a red circle, w/white background and a black X shape in the middle. I'm not sure if this is the reason why, but I believe I've heard it's due to the fact that the Swastika is banned in Germany. So, to make things easier when porting to German rules, the art is made so it doesn't have to be redrawn

ganked from neo-arcadia, apparently, an online french game magazine.

First game????

Jun. 2nd, 2005 09:30 pm
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A headline I just saw...

"QUAKE 4 is the first game to utilize id Software's revolutionary DOOM 3 technology"

Really?  Because I coulda swore that it was DOOM 3!!! that first used said eponymous engine.

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May. 30th, 2005 08:18 pm
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I think it would behoove Microsoft (or any of the next-gen consoles, really) to release a kick-ass terror game (I use terror in it's precise sense as opposed to general horror (which to me connotes a more matrialistic, gruesome experience) To me, terror is just that... fear.) I'm starting to really get into the mindset of Fatal Frame 2. At first I didn't felt drawn in, but now I feel as though I am being drawn into a deeper story and plot.

I don't mean for the current generations, but rather, for the "next-gen" systems that are on the verge of release.

I don't even play with stereo, let alone 5.1 sound. It sounds alright. But I imagine at least 5.1, and maybe 7.1... or more. On a high-def, wide screen... I can see kiosks for demos of the full power. Right now, you go to a store, and play on a small TV that's out in the open.

Don't do that. Convey the full experience. Why not show what it's capable of. Instead of a "car showroom" make a mediacenter showroom.

Ah consumer lust. Idolatry and commercial product fetishism. Imbuing material objects with a certain power, fulfilling that desire... that so-called "god shaped vacuum." Ego-feeder. Domination.

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May. 21st, 2005 03:43 am
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i've just been playing a shareware/indie game called revolved, which involves rotating squares and matching colors.

my god, i'm hooked.

it's almost what i imagine my game to be.

only, i think, probably much more fun.

it makes me wanna give up on my game.

as does lumines.

anyways, i'll get a link tomorrow ( I think it's only windows, IIRC, alas...) you kids can play it then (those with Windows)
fuck. i'm going to bed.

nighty night y'all!


May. 13th, 2005 06:26 pm
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This is another thing I was thinking tonight.

I want games developed and published by Warp. I want their musicians to contribute and their video and animation people involved. I want to see them have programmers working on the code and creating works of art and interactive entertainment. But there has to be a slow process to get there.

I also think Warp should record all shows live. Put them up on bleep.com... Give attendees of the show a special password to allow them to access it for free before it's officially available. Reward people who go to the show...

The final thing that I think would be cool is to create a foundation for the research of music technologies and work in conjunction with MIT. MIT has already produced many musical interface projects. And I could see musical instruments and toys, software and hardware... Then, when they sell an album, part of the price will go to this foundation, and you will have a place for people to contribute (could you get a tax exempt status for that foundation? hmm....) to the foundation as well.

I'm not sure all of this is really feasible, but I think that there's certainly potential for some of it, even if in reduced form...

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May. 10th, 2005 12:42 pm
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interesting point from design synthesis...

"I'm all for open-ended game design.
I love sandboxes, both real and virtual
I used to play obsessively with Legos, building impossible vehicles and enormous fortresses, then smashing them and starting over.
Which is why videogames that offer lots and lots of choices appeal to me.
Of course, a sandbox has constraints, too. If the whole yard were sand, I wonder if it would have the same appeal."

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May. 9th, 2005 01:40 pm
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via:  http://vgombud.blogspot.com/

This site can now reveal that Future Publishing will be re-launching the Next Generation brand as a free web site -- next-gen.biz -- in June. There are currently no plans to re-launch the print version of the magazine, which was published by Imagine Publishing between 1995 and 2001.

The official announcement will come in a press release any day now, but the Web site reveals a lot of information about the new incarnation. The site will be managed by editor-in-chief Colin Campbell and consultant editor Christian Svensson, who co-created the Next Generation Online site back in 1995, and published by Future USA.

Besides the two editors, most of the content will come from freelance contributors, which the site is actively seeking. The site says it's looking for writers that "have strong opinions" and are "stylish, original and witty."

In another major departure from the rest of the game journalism crowd, the new Next Generation "will not be offering product reviews as such," according to the Web site. It's not exactly clear what this means, but my source tells me that the site's focus will be more on the development and business sides of the industry rather than consumer-oriented, "X-out-of-ten" reviews. My source also mentioned that important names from Next Generation's past may be involved in the new site.

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May. 6th, 2005 11:01 am
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The Nintendo LSd...

You've seen the dual-screen.

Touch is good, indeed!

Licking is better.

That's why we've introduced the Nintendo Lickable Screen Dual.

Just like your favorite blotter paper.

The more you lick, the more fun you have.

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Apr. 10th, 2005 12:03 pm
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is a sit that appears to have a video game database similar to my imagination, but a bit more limited.  not much, just a little.

they have developer bios, and their projects, but no credits for the games themselves, and i've not looked deeply at this, so maybe they have screenshots, etc...

but it's a start to something greater!

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Apr. 6th, 2005 10:35 pm
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is there an IVGDB?

Internet Video Game Database?

I was thinking of this after finishing Beyond Good and Evil (GET IT!)  Brent especially, I think you'd like it.  Did you play it Nathan?  For some reason I think you may have, though I don't know why...

  It's tough, and short... but it's fun, and the artistic direction is great.  The voice acting, I think, is wonderful.  I was a little frustrated with the boss battle, but I never felt intimidated by it.  I was worried that since I only had 4 hearts and no opportunity to get more, that I'd be fucked, unless I went WAY back to a very old previous save.  Fortunately, I kept trying and after a couple days (maybe 2-5 hours max) I got it down.  In fact, I must've been in the zone, cuz even though I was doing well, I totally thought I had more to go.  Then BAM, the fight was finished.  I swear that I actually had to fight further before.  I don't know if it was just an illusion or some sort of adjusting mechanism in the game for difficulty/skill...



I was watching the credits and all the people that worked on it, and I thought about my <lj user="vesicular">'s and my friend Rob who works on games, and how many games he worked on.  I thought about how there's some really great games, and people should be credited, and why not have a real big repository of as much info as possible on games.  Does this exist?  I mean, I know there's lots of sites for systems, but is there a central site that has all sorts of info...

Consoles, arcade, handheld systems...  hardware info??? processors, system design, system flaws.  basic stats(sales, etc...) small "bio"s as it were of various hardware systems...

Then credits for games, publishers, developers, each persons projects...  This includes sound and art design, direction, programming, every thing in a game, a great database of people involved in the process, and stats about the game (tech specs, sales info, sequels, etc...)

Bios of famous people in the industry.



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