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Feb. 3rd, 2010 12:37 pm
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Oh boy...

So I just came up with a trio of game concepts based around a similar "dual-role" mechanic...


A trio of games w/similar group mechanics
* Anti-Terror Game - A game about terror and stopping it (This ain't no game) (terrorist/DHS)
* Drug-Dealing Game - A game about dealing drugs and stopping it. (Cartel/DEA)
* Dictator Game - A game about being a dictator and being the baddest around. (Dictator/Population)

So, here's how I see my long term "game plan" shaping up around the games.

Abstract Games -
1) Once I get Hexomination, playtest the shit out of it with anyone who will play.
2) Get Fimo and make rings for We 3 Rings. Playtest the shit out of it.
3) Prism: Work on making the board and pieces for that.

Card Games -
1) Happy Hour - I have the basic idea, and card makeup. Need to see if Emmalee can make the art. I'll just do mockups (bought index cards last night for this purpose). Need to design "event cards" to play and foil opponents.
2) 6 Degrees - Just need to make a batch of "object" cards, brainstorm different kinds of things, and let the game play out. I think this has potential for quick easy party-game.

Board Games -
1) Ascendaemon - The first board game idea I had. Have the idea for the board itself. Just need to mock it up. Can use simple wood pieces as pawns/souls. Then just mock up cards with text, and playtest.
2) The three games above. Not sure which order. I think those have the most potential for fun if made right. Those are long term projects. I can see those getting complicated. But I think they could really be like Pandemic (not that I've played it but it seems like it would be fun)...
1) different asteroids/debris that comes floating in is colored various ways: Green for low threat/value, yellow for mid, and red for DANGER! Each of these has a basic score. 1, 2 or 3. These scores determine how much radius is added to the hole.

2) the energy/resources that may remain after destroying an asteroid is also colored/valued, and provides a certain number of bars of energy. If any asteroid has resources, after destroying the asteroid, resource is released, and it continues on the same trajectory as the asteroid (sorry no complex gravity sim, here) this value is separate from the destroyed asteroid value and is probably going to be randomly generated... Maybe. It's your job to intercept these resources and deploy the tractor beam to pull it in... When it's pulled in, you level up...

As you level up there is a meter on the right hand side of the screen that indicates what power level you're at... Red means you're stuck there. Yellow means you get a power boost, and can use that as a speed enhance for emergency situations in the circle to move around faster, but it'd be depleted. Once it hits green, you're good to go, and can escape.

3) each level will have different sizes of orbits, and rates of growth. Lower levels have a larger orbit (thus more time for the black hole to grow and more time for you to be able to gain material) Later levels have smaller orbits..... Earlier levels also have more
So, as I'm thinking about this, I have 3 different options:

1) Boardgame with pieces representing people/souls. You capture the souls by playing deadly sin cards on them, the number on the piece representing how many of a certain type of sin to play.

2) Boardgame with pieces/souls. When you play a set of sins on a piece, you "burden" them with a ring that you stack around the piece (ring around a pole). Each player can stack burdens on them. When the soul is so overburdened by say, 5 rings or something, the player with the most rings around it wins that soul. You play rings by playing deadly sin cards.

3) Remove the board aspect altogether. Make it a purely card game. Have different soul cards wtih personalities and stories behind each person. Give them the vices, and play cards to capture them.

Each has their benefits:
1 is simple, or can be. Make a fast game of it. There's something nice about the tactility of board games.
2 has nice complexity. Add more strategy lines. But the abstraction still can be nice.
3 has that option of really making a character come alive. You feel like you're winning a real person/soul. Ease of portability

1 - too simple?
2 - the rings are just more things that are manufactured and a waste (and the same could be said for a board game vs a card game in general)
3 - too much a rip off of "Redemption" card game?

If I do a board game, I think I'll have a ring around the earth, each quarter of the board gets 6 spaces for the piece to move around (thus 24 spaces per round/day). When the piece is in a demons quarter, they can be captured. Something like that.

I suppose you could make personalized pieces, but it's still not the same as customized art on a card. Hmm...

Here's the quick mockup.

Along the top, you have a range of options to choose from for casting. Each colored section is a "speed".
The triangle on the top indicates where you are currently at.
The bottom bar indicates your allowed "time"/mana. (time is mana! *groan*)

As you hold the mouse button down, it moves the triangle from left to right. When you hit the range you want to be in, you make sure to let go, and the triangle will start to move to the left. If it starts to fall below the range, you hold the mouse button down again, to get it up higher.

Each speed indicates the amount of damage per unit of time (I'll call it "tick" here, but it's not necessarily using the same mechanics as wow's "tick"/timing system)...

Green/slow gives, say, 1/tick; yellow=2/tick; red=3/tick. (for example, of course)

The casting cost of each of these, is thus increased as well. (let's just use the dmg as our cost, so 1,2,3 respectively)

The mana/timer bar indicates how much mana you have to spend on the spell. Let's say a tick is 1 second, and the mana cost of a spell is 10.

The blue bar, then, indicates 10 mana. This is taken from your main mana pool.

Now in the example image, we've already used some. Let's pretend it's down to 7 mana points left (we've used 1 green and 1 yellow so far.) We could keep in the yellow range, and do 2 damage/tick for 3 times, and have 1 mana point left over. Or, we could go to the red range and increase our dps (OK, i'll break and call it dps, especially since in this example, I'm using a tick/sec). This would lets us do 3 dps, and allow use to do it twice, and have one mana point left over. In each case, we have 1 mana left.

We could either throttle down to the green and spend that last point, stop channeling the spell (and return that 1 point back to our main pool), or the "mana burn" option, which is to go beyond what we're given in mana, and then this would draw on our HP.

The balance issues coming into play would be "why don't I just stop casting and recast"... Why would I keep casting a spell if it damaged me?

A couple answers off the top of my head could be: The timer on the channeled spell's cooldown isn't finished yet, and you'd have to wait a while to finish it, but if you're still casting this spell, you can keep casting it, at the cost of health (willpower???))

The other option is to perhaps give an "endurance" buff... You've been able to channel it so long, and now you're enduring stress/pain, but at the same time, your resolve is increased, making the spell stronger... So, you have an incentive to cast this damaging spell, because even though you're hurting yourself, you're also doing more damage to your opponent than the normal casting would do (say 4 or 5 dps versus the topend of 3 dps in regular channeling).

I don't know, of course, as this is the very first day I thought of this concept.

The other interesting thing about this method is that it allows you to control your dps, which in turn can help you control your aggro. This means that when soloing, you can hit full blast red meter and do as much dps as possible, but in a group setting, since you magice users are so damn squishy, you can tone it down, doing less dps, while still having the same spell and mechanics. It can allow you to throttle your spellcasting as needed, hitting the max amount you can afford, and pull back if necessary.

Of course, this is only on a channeling spell. Instant-cast DOTs and other direct damage spells would need their own mechanic...

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May. 10th, 2005 12:42 pm
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interesting point from design synthesis...

"I'm all for open-ended game design.
I love sandboxes, both real and virtual
I used to play obsessively with Legos, building impossible vehicles and enormous fortresses, then smashing them and starting over.
Which is why videogames that offer lots and lots of choices appeal to me.
Of course, a sandbox has constraints, too. If the whole yard were sand, I wonder if it would have the same appeal."
Of course, this isn't the only thing in a game, but I think what draws me into a game, or what I imagine an ideal game to be is a game that has many playmodes.  Of course, this idea is evident in games such as puzzle games...  Many of these games have variant modes of playing the game.  You can then expand the scope of perspective and see it in what is termed "emergent gameplay" which is a term that describes this sort of gameplay that involves discovery and play in the world around you.  To see what sorts of cool things you can do, and how to alter the game.  Hack it, as it were...  Mini-games in certain games, whether it be Shenmue, Mario, or Beyond Good and Evil, for example...  The latest example with Lumines illustrates a wonderful point in puzzle game design.  The idea of levels having "skins" for the screen, in the same way you can skin your Winamp, or Firefox, and many other programs...  The idea of having levels change "skin" as you advance...

The next idea.  Shit I'm just getting into my game design.  Well, may as well.

I think it would be great to have unlockable media.  Everything from photographs to sound samples, from movies to full on songs.

It's quite complicated to think about hexagons and their arrangements and potential arrangements with colors and how many variations of a puzzle game you could make.  The hardest part is determining which should be the "main" game...

I'm even imagining some sort of hexagon based "rubiks cube"  One hexagon, surrounded by 6 hexagons, form a 7 hex unit that I'll call Hexaplex.  One can now take the newly minted hexaplex and have it surrounded by 6 other hexaplexes.

Now, translate this into the idea of a rubiks cube where each outer hexaplex is like the face of a cube (Remember, the cube is a six dimensional object, right <lj user="vesicular">?  Inside joke.  Our junior high shop teacher said that a cube is 6 dimensional.  It has top, bottom, front, back left, and right sides.  Yeah. Ok.)

Anyways, now, the central hexaplex acts as the central core of the whole cube.  Now I just thought of this, and it means I need to figure out how to abstract the coordinate system of the cube into the MegaPlex.  (as I shall call the combined unity of the 7 hexaplii... yes, i'm calling them hexaplii.  fuck off.)

I also plan on incorporating a chakra system, and levels will have color schemes within them. ROYGBIV.  Green being the central hexaplex. ROY on top, BIV on the bottom.

Rotating hexes to match the colors of the sides will merge them, and the larger amount you merge, the more you can blow off with one bomb, to reveal part of an image underneath, which is the "prize".    Some of this is probably not clear to you all.  That's okay.  This is mostly for myself (now that I've written it), however any feedback, questions, insights, comments, please, i hate to beg,

but i ain't too proud.


what would you think could be done to improve, change, how could this appeal to you, what other things could work.

I would like to incorporate things, but I also realize that visions of an end product can diverge dramatically between two individuals.

Time plays a central element in all games, however, I've still not figured out exactly how it plays a role in my game.  I've a couple ideas in my head. But that's for a later time...


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