So, as I'm thinking about this, I have 3 different options:

1) Boardgame with pieces representing people/souls. You capture the souls by playing deadly sin cards on them, the number on the piece representing how many of a certain type of sin to play.

2) Boardgame with pieces/souls. When you play a set of sins on a piece, you "burden" them with a ring that you stack around the piece (ring around a pole). Each player can stack burdens on them. When the soul is so overburdened by say, 5 rings or something, the player with the most rings around it wins that soul. You play rings by playing deadly sin cards.

3) Remove the board aspect altogether. Make it a purely card game. Have different soul cards wtih personalities and stories behind each person. Give them the vices, and play cards to capture them.

Each has their benefits:
1 is simple, or can be. Make a fast game of it. There's something nice about the tactility of board games.
2 has nice complexity. Add more strategy lines. But the abstraction still can be nice.
3 has that option of really making a character come alive. You feel like you're winning a real person/soul. Ease of portability

1 - too simple?
2 - the rings are just more things that are manufactured and a waste (and the same could be said for a board game vs a card game in general)
3 - too much a rip off of "Redemption" card game?

If I do a board game, I think I'll have a ring around the earth, each quarter of the board gets 6 spaces for the piece to move around (thus 24 spaces per round/day). When the piece is in a demons quarter, they can be captured. Something like that.

I suppose you could make personalized pieces, but it's still not the same as customized art on a card. Hmm...

Java required. But it's very worth it. I like the rainbow one.

Psychedelic light toys. Let the cursor lead a pattern of lights. Paint with light. Explore texture.

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May. 20th, 2005 01:43 am
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pixel group

this is the coolest thing evar...  basically it's a grid of pixels, and you can invert the color to the opposite when you click on a square (if it's black, it becomes white and vice-versa)

Now, at the same time as you are doing this, others are also doing it.

The screen is refreshed with their changes from time to time.

It's a fun interactive toy...

This is close to what I'd love to see and I've been lusting after forever... interactive art software.

something like photoshop but net-centric and multiuser.  (of course it would be much more powerful than this toy)..., find the shortest distance between two items...  very cool.
I could probably do a bit shorter.  Stockhausen to quote about 9-11 as art, and thus to dubya w/9-11

[Discography / Albums] Chiastic Slide (1997)
Chiastic Slide
Like most releases under the Warp label, the album is in the style frequently referred to as Intelligent Dance Music.
Intelligent dance music
[Overview] Other influences include avant-garde classical composers such as Karlheinz Stockhausen and Iannis Xenakis
Karlheinz Stockhausen
Disparate musicians such as Can, The Beatles, Kraftwerk, Sonic Youth, Miles Davis, Frank Zappa, and Herbie Hancock cite Stockhausen as an influence
Sonic Youth
—with whom most of the band have performed—as well as the heavy garage rock-acid-rock of The Stooges
Psychedelic music
[History / In the 1960s] amphetamines, heroin and cocaine by the underground led to a turn toward harsher music. At the same time, Bob Dylan
George Bush
"The Hubble-barn is about 13 liters, depending on your current favorite value for Hubble's constant (H). This is the volume of a straw that has the cross-sectional area of a barn (a nuclear physics cross-sectional area equal to 100 square femtometres, roughly the size of a largish nucleus) and a length equal to the radius of the universe (given by H^{-1}c)."

Now what the fuck kind of measurement is this? 100 femtometres squared? That's fucking tiny! And the radius of the universe? Why such arbitrary numbers? How the hell was this devised as a measurement?

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Feb. 21st, 2005 05:27 pm
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BitFontMaker - make your own fonts, damn cool!


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