So, I'm thinking, what if you have a big sin, like say, murder. That can be 6 points of wrath. Well, shit, say Joe has a will of 3, what do you do with the extra 3 murder points?

Wasted, unless, perhaps you can play a scenario card that can drag another soul down.

So, let's say Joe gets in a drunken bar brawl. (Hmm, ok, are scenarios merely other cards to play? Or do they have their own costs to bring into play?)

Now, we can just say Joe murders someone. Or you can play a brawl scenario card, which allows you to target another soul in the same region of the map. Now, let's say Bob has a will of 4, well shit, you can't play murder on him, but what if you have say, a lust card of 1. Then you could play the lust on Bob and spend the remaining 3 points of murder on him. Both of these are now yours to take.

More complicated mechanics, but can add depth to the play.

But, what if, instead of murder, you just had a brawl card that was like 4 wrath. Then what? That would just be another sin card.

So... Do I add "scenario" cards, or just make scenarios into the sin cards themselves? Being that's initially kinda what I had planned. But then, what about overage? I guess it's just a loss? Or are you allowed to spend any overage on any other soul? Hmm...
Here's where I stand for now:

1) game board - each corner is circle indicating the demon's presence in hell; the center is a picture of earth with a giant gate in the middle of it (the hell-gate); from the corner-circles to the earth is a series of boxes, where you place, sideways, the souls you capture.
2) the souls are little wooden blocks
3) the souls are colored for each sin-type, with a willpower rating
4) the cards have the sin icon and a number representing the severity of the sin.
5) each player bids on the soul, the total number of severity in your hand must be greater than the willpower. Then you can win the soul.
6) game starts with 4 randomly chosen souls placed on the map.
7) players draw cards, then see if they have enough of any kind of sin to capture a soul.
8) if not, they can play a game of "gofish" perhaps, or discard a card and draw another. The discard pile can be used for all players to pick a certain sin, if they want.
9) As the game goes on, the population increases, and more souls are added.

Hmm... Maybe if the population hits a certain limit, and no demon has crawled out, the apocalypse (overpopulation) happens, and the demons can n longer escape.
So, for SouLadder (ok, also: Anyone have a good idea on a name for the game? Piling souls to climb out of hell... souladder works, kinda, but I'm sure something better is out there, anyways...) I'm using the seven deadly sins:

lust - mudtrack flap sillhouette (via: [ profile] polydad
gluttony - Pizza, cake or some other "bad" food
greed - Dollar sign
sloth - Z's
wrath - fist (again, [ profile] polydad -- fist was the alternate to my original knife. I'll make it a dynamic icon, like lightning flashes or something from it.)
envy - evil eye (inspired by [ profile] amentiblue, wikipedia asserts evil eye is based on envy)
pride - mirror ([ profile] claw_machine)

And I'm thinking -- Are those good icons to use for symbols on the cards? What about the blank ones? Any suggestions? I was thinking a heart for lust, but [ profile] sophy said a heart isn't really lust... Maybe lips? I thought an eye for pride. I dunno...

So, as I'm thinking about this, I have 3 different options:

1) Boardgame with pieces representing people/souls. You capture the souls by playing deadly sin cards on them, the number on the piece representing how many of a certain type of sin to play.

2) Boardgame with pieces/souls. When you play a set of sins on a piece, you "burden" them with a ring that you stack around the piece (ring around a pole). Each player can stack burdens on them. When the soul is so overburdened by say, 5 rings or something, the player with the most rings around it wins that soul. You play rings by playing deadly sin cards.

3) Remove the board aspect altogether. Make it a purely card game. Have different soul cards wtih personalities and stories behind each person. Give them the vices, and play cards to capture them.

Each has their benefits:
1 is simple, or can be. Make a fast game of it. There's something nice about the tactility of board games.
2 has nice complexity. Add more strategy lines. But the abstraction still can be nice.
3 has that option of really making a character come alive. You feel like you're winning a real person/soul. Ease of portability

1 - too simple?
2 - the rings are just more things that are manufactured and a waste (and the same could be said for a board game vs a card game in general)
3 - too much a rip off of "Redemption" card game?

If I do a board game, I think I'll have a ring around the earth, each quarter of the board gets 6 spaces for the piece to move around (thus 24 spaces per round/day). When the piece is in a demons quarter, they can be captured. Something like that.

I suppose you could make personalized pieces, but it's still not the same as customized art on a card. Hmm...
OK, cheesy name, but I think I have further thought on the demon soul ladder game idea. This is one I think I can really pull off. It's a board game.

1) Board with each corner a pit of hell.
2) Center of board is earth with a gate in the middle.
3) Colored wooden blocks with numbers on the bottom. These are the "people/souls"

The goal is to build a ladder/pile out of hell with souls you kill/destroy/steal/convert, whatever. The soul pieces are colored. They move around the earth in the middle, their "life" wandering the planet. I'm thinking this would be done one piece at a time, not sure yet.

Anyways, the coloring indicates a certain vice these souls have (based on the 7 deadly sins, natch), though maybe something else, we'll see.. The number represents the willpower of these souls to resist temptation.

As a demon, you receive cards that you play on the souls. These cards indicate various vices. The higher the number of a soul, the higher the number of cards needed to be played on that piece in order to "capture" it.

Each demon has a "sphere of influence" which radiates from it's corner into the "4 corners of the earth" As a soul wanders into the demon/players territory, the player gets a bonus (in the form of 1 less vice needed to play). The demons have their own affinities, as well, so certain sins will need less of a card (i.e. I pick gluttony as my special sin, then, if a gluttonous individual is in play, I need 1 less card to play).

Then, as you capture souls, you build the bridge out of these wooden blocks/pieces and move your demon piece across this bridge/ladder. The other players can knock you backwards, and steal souls from your pile (don't have the mechanics).

Finally, once you reach the middle, the guardian demon (Abaddon) has to be fought (parallels of Jacob's wrestling with the angel in the Jacob's ladder story)... The other players then play the role of Abaddon and fight you (again, need a mechanic for this). If you win, you win the game, if not, back to the pit you go (perhaps eliminated?)


I found aplace you can get a blank game board for cheap, so we'll see. I can sketch it out on paper, but I think if I get it done right, I could make some extra cash.


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