Manifesto games, which I posted about earlier, is having a contest: Design their logo and win an X-Box 360. They also would like some HTML coding, but no prizes (alas) for that. Weird, though, because I think HTML design is a LOT harder than doing a logo.

Anyways, my general concept is behind the cut, along with a basic explanation:
PNG image ahead.

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Jul. 12th, 2005 09:29 pm
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"The billboard features the ubiquitous red Coca-Cola wall painting, commonly found across India. Directly preceding the Coca-Cola ad, and part of the billboard, is a dry water hand-pump, with empty vessels waiting to be filled up with water - a common scene in India, particularly in Chennai.

On July 11, 2005, the law firm of Daniel & Gladys, who represent Coca-Cola's Indian subsidiary, sent a letter to Mr. Haksar threatening him with serious legal actions unless the billboard was replaced 'unconditionally and immediately'. Coca-Cola would seek Indian Rupees 2 million (US$ 45,000) for "incalculable damage to the goodwill and reputation" of Coca-Cola, and also sought an 'unconditional apology in writing'."


Uh... How about you taking people's water that they need to survive for your fucking profit margins... Maybe it's just me... But it seems that maybe it's THAT which is the actual cause for "... damage to the goodwill and reputation"!!!
Is of a modern, United States poster... It's quite similar to those old soviet "spy on your neighbor" type things.

Big brother is here, and he's on the subway...


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May. 20th, 2005 01:43 am
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pixel group

this is the coolest thing evar...  basically it's a grid of pixels, and you can invert the color to the opposite when you click on a square (if it's black, it becomes white and vice-versa)

Now, at the same time as you are doing this, others are also doing it.

The screen is refreshed with their changes from time to time.

It's a fun interactive toy...

This is close to what I'd love to see and I've been lusting after forever... interactive art software.

something like photoshop but net-centric and multiuser.  (of course it would be much more powerful than this toy)...

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Apr. 21st, 2005 02:30 pm
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Hunab Ku - Mayan "God of gods"

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Apr. 13th, 2005 05:18 pm
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Chartjunk consists of decorative elements that provide no data and cause confusion.

  • Tufte discusses the rule of 1+1=3 (or more): 2 elements in close proximity cause a visible interaction. Such interactions can be very fatiguing (e.g., moirĂ© patterns, optical vibration) and can show information that is not really there (EI-60: data that is not there, VD-111: chart junk)
  • In major science publications we see 2% to 20% moirĂ© vibration. For example, in recent statistical and computer publications chartjunk ranges from 12% to 68%
  • Techniques to avoid chartjunk include replacing crosshatching with (pastel) solids or gray, using direct labeling as opposed to legends, and avoiding heavy data containers



Mar. 20th, 2005 09:12 pm
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Leamon Sound Device:

"The Leamon Sound Device (LSD) is currently installed in a spare private
room. Soon I would like either to install my system or build a new LSD
altogether in a more public space where artists can create and audiences
can listen. Until then, however, I am simply trying to spread the word (or sound)
about a remarkable new way of hearing and making audio.

I am especially eager for composers and musicians to hear the LSD and possibly
create new audio for it. I am at best an amateur and strongly desire to put the power
of the LSD in the hands of those who can exploit it fully."

Do you think that Walker would be interested in this at all? I'm sure it depends on the system itself. Do you guys do things like that? Do you find unkown things like this and support it by showing it? Just curious as to how you get your exhibitions.
The picture of everything

Click the link(if you've not seen it before)... It's amazing!


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